Pictures of the Scott Holt Band

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Scott Holt has been one of Jim’s favorites for years now.

Jim introduced me to Scott Holt’s music when we went to see him at Bourbon Street Blues & Boogie Bar in Nashville soon after we were married.

We’ve seen him several times now… including at BB Kings in Nashville and a couple of charity events.

Members of the Scott Holt Band include: Scott Holt (vocals, guitar), Richard Sanders (bass guitar, backup vocals), and Tom Larson (drums, percussion).

Here are our favorite photos of Scott Holt and his band…


Scott Holt Can Seriously Play Guitar

Scott Holt playing the guitar in Nashville.
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Jim is a long-time fan of Scott Holt — a great guitar player that he was introduced to when Jim and his brother, Steve, lived in Nashville years ago.



He Can Sing Too?

Scott Holt singing while he and fellow band member play guitars.
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Lynnette was introduced to Scott Holt here, when he played at the Bourbon Street Blues & Boogie Bar in Printers Alley – downtown Nashville on the 4th of July.



Play That Funky Music White Boy

Scott Holt plays the guitar with such passion.
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Scott Holt played the guitar in clubs with Buddy Guy for 10+ years before he formed his own band in 2000.



Let’s Hear It For The Band

Scott Holt and his band playing at Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar in Nashville.
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Scott and his bandmates playing in the very intimate Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar in Nashville, Tennessee — where there’s not a bad seat in the house, and every picture is a close-up.



Scott Really Rocks The House

Scott Holt jamming out in Nashville, Tennessee.
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Each Scott Holt performance is an up-close-and personal jam session with a highly talented guitar player.



Scott Holt Playing At BB King’s In Nashville

Scott Holt on guitar.
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Jim’s been a fan of Scott Holt most of his adult life. When we got word that the Scott Holt Band was going to be playing at BB King’s in Nashville (Dec. 3, 2005), we talked Neil & Abby into joining us… scored front row seats… and saw one of the best Scott Holt shows ever! (Here are highlights from the show.)



Scott Holt Band Members… Tom and Richard

Tom Larson and Richard Sanders of the Scott Holt Band.
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In addition to Scott Holt, Tom Larson (percussion) and Richard Sanders (guitar) make up the Scott Holt Band.



A Mellow Moment With Scott Holt

Scott Holt at the microphone.
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At BB King’s in Nashville, Scott Holt at the microphone.


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