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AC/DC Photos

ACDC in Biloxi, Mississippi. A small collection of photographs taken at an AC/DC concert in Biloxi, Mississippi.

We waited til the last minute to buy tickets (on site), and we scored some up close and pesonal seats that ROCKED!


You…Shook Me All Night Long!
Angus Young of the band AC DC.
When we lived in Pensacola, we heard that AC/DC was playing in Biloxi, Mississippi (just 90 miles from our house). We didn’t have tickets, but we decided to take our chances and try to scalp tickets on the night of the show. Most sellers wanted WAY too much money, so we were about to leave and find something else to do on this Saturday night. When, at the last minute… after the opening band had started to play, this young couple offered us their 2 extra tickets next to them for a low price.



A Man And His Microphone
Lead singer, Brian Johnson, from the band AC DC.
Our last-minute, low-priced tickets to AC/DC got us up close and personal — just 3 rows from the stage. And the best part? It wasn’t a “mash pit” area! So we actually got to enjoy the entire concert. If only we’d had a better camera at the time… But these pictures aren’t too bad.



Hells Bells
Brian Johnson from AC DC swinging from a giant bell.
AC/DC had awesome props throughout the whole show! Here, they mysteriously dropped a huge iron bell from the ceiling, from which all of the band members took a swing from the rope dangling inside. This is AC/DC’s lead singer, Brian Johnson swinging from the Hells Bell.