DILO: A Day In The Life Of…

by Lynnette

One of the FUN things I do with photos on Flickr is participate in the “Day In The Life Of” (DILO) project.

Every month or so, they ask for personal submissions — 5 photographs which summarize how you spent your day.

The most recent one was this past Tuesday, June 21st.

This is what I was doing…

—> Here are five (5) OTHER photos, plus a detailed description of how I spent my day on Tuesday, June 21, 2005.

Lynnette's silver 2004 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited TJ.

First, I woke up bright & early, eager to take a ride in my new Jeep.

Shooting a Hamburger Helper commercial at the Franklin Fire Department in downtown Franklin, Tennessee. Then, on my way to the chiropractor’s office that morning, I spotted this film crew shooting a Hamburger Helper commercial at the Franklin Fire Department.

Bicentennial Park sign located at the 'roundabout'. This DILO photo project gave me a reason to venture over to Bicentennial Park near the Capitol Building where I work during my lunch hour. I’ve lived in Nashville 4 years and have never been to this popular downtown location. It’s quite classy! And quite popular during lunchtime, especially since it’s located right behind the Farmer’s Market.

Franklin, Tennessee banners on lightposts which line the streets downtown. Home sweet home… It always feels good at the end of the day to coast through the quaint little downtown area of Franklin, Tennessee. (I say coast, because there are only a couple of ways in, and a couple of ways out, so at rush hour each day, traffic meanders at a smooth “coast”.) Call me crazy, but once you enter Franklin, all of your cares and worries seem to just go away… Ya gotta love that!

Jim prior to start of the last game of the season on BCC's Hopepark team. Finally, we rushed to the ballpark (like usual!) to make Jim’s 6 o’clock softball game. It was his last game of the season with the BCC team.