Filming A Hamburger Helper Commercial In Franklin, Tennessee

by Lynnette

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Franklin firemen filming a Hamburger Helper commercial for television.Sure glad I had my camera on hand this day…

Yesterday morning before work, I went to see the chiropractor in downtown Franklin.

However, as I turned the corner to park in front of Dr. Cutsinger’s office, I noticed that the road was blocked with barriers, big trucks, and two policemen.

I told them I had an appointment, so they let me pull in to park.

Turns out, they were about to start filming a Hamburger Helper commercial for TV!

By the time I came out of the chiropractor’s office, the filming was in full swing…

One of the cops (who made sure I was quiet and standing out of the camera’s view), said that they do 2 takes, then break to re-adjust the lighting, etc. at which point they do it all again until they get it right.

Shooting a Hamburger Helper commercial at the Franklin Fire Department in downtown Franklin, Tennessee.

I asked if I could take a picture… He said, “Sure.” So he and I stood chatting while I was shooting photographs of the camera crew and the Franklin firemen who were in the commercial.

He also told me that they were shooting 14 commercials in 12 different locations in Franklin, Tennessee — all in one day.
Whew… that’s a LOT!

Hmmmmmmm. I wonder if they considered using Portland, Tennessee singer/songwriter Lee Geringer‘s song called, “Baby, Since I Found Hamburger Helper… I Guess I Don’t Need You”. Listen here.


Little-Known Facts
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Q: What’s another name for a cowhand?
A: Hamburger Helper
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Franklin Fire Department Truck
A fire truck from the Franklin Fire Department.
There are a handful of fire departments within the tiny town of Franklin, yet I’ve rarely seen a fire or even a fire truck rushing to a fire — in the many years that we’ve lived here!