Hi-Way 50 Drive-In Movie Theater In Lewisburg, Tennessee: A Review

The Hi-Way 50 Drive-In in Lewisburg, Tennessee is a single screen drive in theater that first opened in 1946.

Jim and I went for the first time last night.

We saw Spiderman 3 and Vacancy.

spiderman-3-movie.jpg vacancy-movie.jpg

At the Hiway 50 Drive-In, you always get a double feature for just $6 per person.

You’ve gotta love that!

Here’s our review of the Hiway 50 Drive-In movie theater…

Hi-Way 50 Drive-In

1584 Fayetteville Highway

Lewisburg, TN 37091

(931) 270-6266


If you’re from around here, then you may have heard that the Hi-Way 50 Drive-In experienced a fire in the Control Room and the Concession Stand in March of 2007. For awhile, the owners, Gary & June Douglas, were unsure as to whether they would be able to show movies at the Hiway 50 Drive In anymore. Fortunately, thanks to donations and their ability to repair or replace much of their equipment, they were able to reopen in a matter of weeks.


hiway-50-fire-pictures.jpg hiway-50-fire-pictures2.jpg

Review of the Hi-Way 50 Drive-In


We had a lot of fun last night!

We’ve only been to one other drive-in together. It was two years ago — at the Pink Cadillac Drive-In on Highway 100 in Centerville, Tennessee.

Some of the higlights from our night at the Hiway 50 Drive-In:



  • The place was packed. I guess everyone was eager to see Spiderman 3 (ehhh) then Vacancy (surprisingly good… especially at a drive-in).

  • We parked in the 3rd row, right in the middle. It was perfect. Since there’s only one screen, and it’s a pretty small one, you want to get there early to get a prime parking spot.

    drive-in-movie-theater-ticket-office.jpg hi-way-50-drive-in-movie-screen.jpg


  • One thing I noticed… When half the cars left after the first movie (which is typical at drive-ins — especially when the first movie attracts a lot of kids), I had a harder time blocking out the passing cars on the highway that runs behind the movie screen. I guess all those SUVs filled with kids were serving as peripheral-vision-blockers for me.


  • I’m kind of a stickler for “distractions”, so at the drive-in, I do everything in my power to block out extraneous sights & sounds. (There was also a barking yippy dog on this night.) Once all the cars left, I had to huddle down low in my seat, so the Jeep’s doors bocked most of the side views. Then I propped my pillow up higher than normal between the seat and the door. Then I turned my baseball cap just so… to block out the last little corner that I kept seeing cars’ headlights in. And, just like last time, we draped an old map down over the glowing light from the Jeep’s clock/radio.


  • They had really good popcorn! It was just like “real” movie theater popcorn …even the butter. Mmmm!

    hi-way-50-concession-stand.jpg jim-cleaning-windshield-for-drive-in-movie.jpg


  • They also had some pretty cool drive-in movie T-shirts they were selling for just $10. I got one!


  • This theater had “digital FM sound” which resulted in noticeably better sound quality than at other theaters. (No speaker boxes here… you just tune your FM radio to a particular station.)


  • Pets are welcome.


  • We were impressed by all the incredibly friendly workers (and owners). Gary talks to the crowd over the intercom before he starts each movie. He also served us our popcorn. He’s a really likable guy! (I don’t think we met his wife, June. Unless she was the ticket-taker on this night. If so, then yep, she was very sweet, too!)



Closing Thoughts

I’m glad I remembered to check our list of things to take to a drive-in movie! As a result, we were content from start to finish.

Oh, and another good thing about drive-ins… When you’re done eating your popcorn, you have immediate access to dental floss!

(I’m guessing the “get free dental floss when you buy a large popcorn” idea didn’t go over very well in the “regular” movie theaters. After the first month or so of our local movie theaters using those special popcorn bags, we never saw them again.)

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