What Others Think Of Nashville…

by Lynnette

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Prompted by the Nashville Scene’s annual You Are So Nashville If… series, I set out to see how others (namely, tourists) view Nashville these days.

I’m always interested to hear what others have to say about Nashville when they come to visit.

Here's what other people are saying about Nashville

I can’t help but think there are a number of stereotypes out there which just don’t do the city justice, and it’s not until you’ve actually BEEN here that you realize, Nashville’s a pretty cool place to be!

Perhaps the most common stereotype:

“Nashville is filled with rednecks who wear cowboy hats and cowboy boots and Wranglers everywhere they go. Oh, and they talk funny too!”

Plus, since Nashville’s been dubbed Music City USA and has a long-standing reputation as the Country Music Capitol of the World, many people think everything is pure Country 24/7 around here and that honky tonks are the only places to have a good time.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Fortunately, some have taken the time to write about their experiences and set the record straight with regard to all there is to see and do in Nashville Tennessee.

Check out these reviews of Nashville, Tennessee — including comments about the nightlife: