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Touring the Fontanel mansion is definitely something for your Nashville Bucket List! Here's how much it costs + my photos showing what the log home is like.

These are some hats that were for sale at the Ernest Tubb Record Shop downtown Nashville. he cowboy hats were placed on the floor. The baseball cap in the middle reads: I'd like to check you for ticks.


I have watched rodeos on TV and have always been amazed at how those cowboys are able to stay on their crazy horses for so long. To see it in person at the Franklin Rodeo was even more astounding. My son and his friend had an especially good time at the Franklin Rodeo.

I've been adding bits & pieces to my growing collection of 'crazy cowboy things' for quite awhile now... I guess now seems as good a time as any to share my collection of funny cowboy stuff. Enjoy!

Opening night highlights for Nashville Star season 4. We were there... Here's what we thought of the contestants: Jared Ashley, Shy Blakeman, Jewels Hanson, Nicole Jamrose, Monique LeCompte, Matt Mason, Kristen McNamera, Casey Rivers, Melanie Torres, and Chris Young.

Come along, as we explore Nashville, Tennessee from the perspective of a 6-year-old...

See what others think about Nashville, Tennessee... Are the stereotypes true? If you're wondering what's so great about Nashville, check out these fun things to see & do in Music City USA.


It is said that hundreds of out-of-town cowboys have made their way to Franklin, Tennessee for the annual Franklin Rodeo. Here's a humorous look at all the hype surrounding this event.

The Nashville Scene publishes a list of reader-submitted responses to the following: 'You Are So Nashville If...' Here are our personal favorites!