Nashville Through The Eyes Of A Child…

by Lynnette

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Steve and Dylan exploring downtown Nashville.

I’ve written about other’s opinions of Nashville, Tennessee — including tourists, college students, and seminar/convention visitors.

But have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience Music City, USA through the eyes of a child?

Come along, as we explore Nashville, Tennessee from the perspective of a 6-year-old…


A Kid’s-Eye-View

A few weeks ago, Jim’s brother, Steve, and his little whiz kid, Dylan, spent the weekend with us in Nashville.

Aside from the far-too-many-hours it took to get from Ohio to Nashville, Dylan enjoyed the roadtrip.

Funny thing was, before they left, he had asked Steve if they could get a Jeep… Little did he know, but he would soon be taking his first Jeep ride!

Dylan's first Jeep ride. Dylan, the kid photographer.

In fact, it was so exciting, that he wanted to take his own pictures of the whole experience. You can see that Dylan is enjoying having his own disposable camera.


A reflection of all of us riding in the Jeep as we passed a store downtown Nashville.



Bright Lights, Big City

A little boy in the big city.

An overly-staged shot of Dylan and some art sculpture downtown Nashville.This little guy enjoyed taking in the sights just like we adults did!

I guess no matter how old you are, downtown Nashville is awe-inspiring.

Here’s an example of the obligatory “tourist photo”… snap a picture of your kid (or your brother’s kid) on one of the local monuments!

And you can’t be in Nashville without at least trying on a cowboy hat, right?


Trying on cowboy hats. Cowboy hats for sale in Nashville, Tennessee.


Nashville Sights & Sounds

Checking out the Country music scene downtown Nashville. Inside one of the honky tonks of Nashville on a Saturday afternoon. It was still early on a Saturday afternoon.

Few people were drinking, the live music was very low-key, and the doors to the honky tonks were open wide — an invitation to partake in their luncheon menus more than anything else.

Dylan likes music. So we hopped inside to see if he had an opinion on “live” Country music. After a round of Diet Pepsi’s, the verdict: “It’s okay. Can we go now?”



Elvis lives in Nashville now.


Pint-Sized Fun In Nashville

dylan_ice_cream_shop.jpg Now that’s more like it… a big ‘ol cup of ice cream for a little guy who’s tuckered himself out after a day of sightseeing.

Truth is, Dylan had his eye on this ice cream shop from the moment we first arrived downtown, and there was no getting back in that Jeep without an ice cream first.

And you know you’re in Nashville when they play “live” Country music in the ice cream parlor!

One of the more unusual things seen in Nashville... you could have your picture taken with this monkey!

They did. We were.

And to top it all off, there was a very photogenic monkey on the corner when we came out of the ice cream shop.

One thing’s for sure, Dylan: “We’re not in Kansas anymore!”



Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Dylan and his Nashville Sounds mini baseball bat. Wild with excitement at the ballpark. It just so happened that the Nashville Sounds had a home game on this day.

So after our tour of downtown Nashville, we took the little guy to the ballpark.

Dylan collects souvenir bats from various baseball teams, so he was more than excited to add another one to his collection… this one from the Nashville Sounds.

Dylan is sky high on Uncle Jim's shoulders. This little slugger was sky high!

Enjoying ballpark munchies.Dylan had the time of his life on Uncle Jim’s shoulders at the ballpark.

Add to this a wild cherry Slurpee, hotdog, and a funnel cake loaded with powdered sugar, and you’ve got more than just a sugar high here!


Nashville Sounds baseball team logo.


Extra Special Fun At The Ballpark

Dylan touching a live snake. Dylan watching the fireworks after the ballgame. Two “bonuses” at the Nashville Sounds baseball game on this day:

1. Animal Awareness Day For Kids — state of Tennessee park forest rangers brought in a dozen or so wild animals for the kids to learn about and touch. It was a rare moment to get to touch such a large snake!

2. Fireworks After The Game — every so often at Nashville Sounds games they do fireworks over the ball field. And we’re not talking a scaled-down version of 4th of July fireworks… we’re talkin’ the real deal!


In the end, the day came full circle… a Jeep ride home.

After the baseball game, as soon as we hit the Jeep, Dylan was tuckered out and fell asleep. Here, he's all wrapped in blankets, shielded from the cool night air while riding in the back of the Jeep with the top down.