Sally Field’s Movie ‘Two Weeks’ Was Filmed In Nashville

by Lynnette


two-weeks-movie.jpg Did you know that Sally Field‘s latest movie venture, “Two Weeks” was filmed here in Nashville?

I didn’t.

Hmmm… wonder where I was back in 2005 when they were filming this movie. You’d think there there would’ve been a little more hub-bub at the time.

The movie recently opened in theaters. Here’s everything you want to know about the movie and about Sally Field.


About The Movie

In the movie Two Weeks, Sally Field plays a woman dying of ovarian cancer.

The plot centers around her 14 final days, as Ben Chaplin, Tom Cavanagh, Julianne Nicholson and Glenn Howerton play the brothers and sister who are saying their final goodbyes.

ben_chaplin_sally_field_two_weeks.jpgSally Field plays Anita, who is terminally ill. As she nears the end of her life, the family members find themselves unexpectedly together for two weeks. Through laughter and tears — and Anita’s own reflections on her life and family — they come to terms with a tragedy that all families ultimately must face. In doing so, they rediscover the love and respect they have for one another. Source

Many have said that this Hospice-themed movie seems to have a Brothers & Sisters vibe.

From the Nashville City Paper: “Writer/director Steve Stockman’s Two Weeks blends dark humor with sibling conflict and rivalry while examining the subject of impending death and its impacts on a family.”

The movie is based on Stockman’s own experiences.

Here’s a review which ends with “…Stockman accomplishes his main goal: communicating the difficulty of saying goodbye to someone you love.”


Another Little-Known Fact…

Alive Hospice played an advisory role in the film’s production. Representatives of the nonprofit hospice visited a Nashville set to advise cast members and producers on end-of-life care and to help the crew create an accurate representation of a hospice home care setting.


More About The Movie

Film Nashville provides the inside scoop about the movie Two Weeks.

Watch the trailer for the movie “Two Weeks”.

Read about Nashville… “Tennessee’s Tinseltown”.

The movie was briefly released last year for Oscar consideration, which it didn’t get, and the reviews were not enthusiastic. But for fans of screwed-up-family drama, or those who have lived through a similar wrenching experience, it might be worth prying yourself away from the TV set and seeking it out. Anytime but Sunday at 10 p.m. (when Brothers and Sisters is on TV) — Terri Mauro


Bet You Didn’t Know This About Sally Field…

sally-field-in-two-weeks-movie.jpg Sally Field lost the role of Alice in Friday the 13th. (Actor who got the part: Adrienne King)

Sally Field was turned down for the role of Elaine Robinson in The Graduate. (Actor who got the part: Katherine Ross)

Sally Field turned down the role of Loretta in Moonstruck. (Actor who got the part: Cher)

Sally Field was originally set to star alongside Matthew Broderick in No Small Affair. (Actor who got the part: Demi Moore)