Predators Hockey: The View From The Cheap Seats vs. On The Glass

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We had the BEST time at two recent Predators home games!

  • First, we sat in Section 303 — a.k.a. the cheap seats.
  • Then, we sat on the glass — a.k.a. the best seats in the house.

Here are some things I noticed about Predators hockey seats…


View From The Cheap Seats: Section 303

Last week, we took Jim’s brother who was in town for the weekend to the Nashville Predators vs St. Louis Blues game.

We sat in our season ticket seats: Section 303 — the highest up, farthest from the glass seat in the house! (Here are more views from the cheap seats.)

The Preds won 7-3, with the majority of the points scored during the 2nd period alone, Vokoun back in net after missing several games to a knee injury, and FREE Tacos for everyone in attendance. (Every time the Predators score 5 goals or more in one night, Taco Bell gives everyone a free taco!) Jim’s brother, who’s not that big on hockey, had the time of his life on this night, as did we.

Here are some photos of Nashville Predators hockey games that I took from Section 303:

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Nashville Predators logo.
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View From The Expensive Seats: On The Glass

December 20th, Jim and I were graciously given two tickets “on the glass” to the Nashville Predators vs Colorado Avalanche game. Well, not ON the glass, but 5 rows from the glass!

This is the closest we have ever sat at a Preds game.

The entire time, we were reminded of previous hockey seasons when we usually sat front-row “on the glass” at Pensacola Ice Pilots games. (They were an ECHL hockey league team. There weren’t that many people vying for those seats.)

On this night, the Preds won 3-2, it was a touch & go game with the Predators coming on strong in the end — which made the game even more exciting for the fans.


Expensive Seats vs Cheap Seats

So, what are the differences?

The view is actually better the higher up you go. So I’m not kidding when I say that our cheap seats up in the nosebleed section (Section 303 — very last row, under the banner) are actually better seats for catching every second of hockey action.

Now, if you want to see just what’s going on on your end of the ice, then the expensive seats are the way to go — especially if you want to snap some close-up photos of the guys in action!

Steve Sullivan of the Nashville Predators.
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Jordan Tootoo of the Nashville Predators.
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Scott Hartnell of the Nashville Predators.
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Martin Erat of the Nashville Predators.
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Scottie Upshall of the Nashville Predators.
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This next pic is in honor of Abby, who couldn’t attend this night’s hockey game… Paul Kariya (a.k.a. Mr. December)!

Paul Kariya number 9 on the Nashville Predators team.
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Some Things I Noticed…

1 – There are beer vendors everywhere you look in the “good seats”. Sometimes you have to wait a long time to hail a beer vendor in the cheap seats. Usually, we just walk all the way down and out of the arena to go buy our own beer.

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2 – The closer to the ice you go, the prettier the people are. The more money people have, the more they dress up, and the prettier they look… for a hockey game. When I wasn’t snapping photos of the action on our end of the ice, I was staring — like a deer in headlights — fixated on the multi-karat platinum diamond rings that all of the ladies were wearing. I hope to sit down there more often. (Maybe Jim will get some ideas for future anniversary presents.)

3 – Those who sit closer to the glass also tend to wear a lot more cologne!

Listen to Bud Light’s Real Men of Genius ”Mr. Way Too Much Cologne Wearer”:

Here’s the video for Bud Light’s Real Men of Genius “Mr. Way Too Much Cologne Wearer”:


…So there ya have it!

This was the closest we got to a hockey fight on our end of the ice.
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More Fun Predators Hockey Stuff

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