Johnny Reid Is A Singer… A Songwriter… And A Race Car Driver?

by Lynnette

Johnny Reid, Music And Songwriters

In June of 2006, my husband Jim met up with Johnny Reid at the IHRA drag racing event in Grand Bend, Ontario. He was performing at the IHRA’s weekend concert.

And the crowd went wild!

More details about the weekend and a few more photos from fans here.


That’s Funny Johnny…
Johnny Reid took a seat inside Terry McMillen’s IHRA Funny Car known as “The Instigator”.



Feel The Thunder!
…the Hoosier Thunder, that is! Here’s Johnny Reid inside Terry McMillen’s IHRA race car. Terry’s team is Hoosier Thunder Motorsports.



Cowboys Love Race Cars
Jim Cressman (Johnny Reid’s booking agent) inside Terry McMillen’s Instigator Funny Car at the IHRA drag racing event in Grand Bend, Ontario.



Jim Cressman: The Overseer Of All Things Fun
Jim Cressman, Johnny Reid’s booking agent was at the IHRA motorsports concert event as well. Here, he is at Terry McMillen’s tent at the track, checking out all the hype surrounding the alligator-painted Instigator Funny Car.



Welcome To The IHRA Motorsports Concert
Johnny walking out on the stage at the start of the IHRA Motorsports concert event in Grand Bend, Ontario.



Lead Guitarist, Yvan Petit
Another classic photo of the lead guitarist in Johnny’s band, Yvan Petit.



Are You Lookin’ At Me?…
Johnny Reid has a way of making every fan in his audience feel like they’re “the one” he’s singing each and every song to.



Ben Rutz… World’s Best Fiddler
Johnny Reid’s fiddler is star-quality… He’s got a whole host of awards of his own…AND fans of his own!



Johnny Reid In Concert At An IHRA Drag Racing Event
Johnny Reid on stage at the Grand Bend, Ontario concert with the IHRA.



Here’s Looking At You!…
Lead guitarist, Yvan Petit looking over at Johnny Reid on vocals.



Fiddler Close Up
Fiddler, Ben Rutz.



Ben Rutz And Rich Petit
Ben Rutz on fiddle and Rich Petit on bass at the Grand Bend motorsports concert.



One With The Audience
Here’s Johnny Reid admiring the cheering crowd at the IHRA motorsports concert event in Grand Bend, Ontario.



Are You Related?… To The Other Guitarist?
Meet Johnny Reid’s bass guitarist, Rich Petit, a cousin of Johnny’s lead guitarist, Yvan Petit!



Yvan Petit On Stage With Johnny Reid
Here’s another great photo of Yvan Petit, Johnny’s lead guitarist.



Mark Lemieux, Drummer
Johnny’s drummer, Mark Lemieux is fun to watch.



Johnny Reid Performing in Grand Bend, Ontario Canada
All the fans had a great time at this concert… Jim did too!



Dave Cohen… In The Background
Not to be overlooked… keyboardist, Dave Cohen in the background, next to Yvan Petit on lead guitar.



Let’s Hear It For The Boys!
Johnny Reid, and his entire band, have the BEST fans! They’re all heart-throbs attracting girls from all corners of the globe.



Johnny Reid, Front And Center
Johnny Reid, with Rich Petit on bass in the background.



Yvan Petit and Dave Cohen
Two more members of Johnny Reid’s band, Yvan Petit on lead guitar and Dave Cohen on keyboards.



Let’s Hear It For The Band!
Johnny Reid has the BEST band! They’re young. They’re fresh. They’re of the highest caliber. And they’re a great complement to Johnny’s voice. Here are Rich Petit on bas guitar, Johnny Reid on vocals, and Ben Rutz on fiddle.



Put Your Hands Together, Everyone
Johnny Reid getting the audience into it.



Champion Fiddle Player, Ben Rutz
The 19-year old fiddle player in Johnny Reid’s band is a 2-time Canadian champion. He was absolutely amazing!



He Gave All
Johnny Reid definitely gave the crowd everything he had this weekend in Grand Bend, Ontario!



Mark Lemieux: Drummer In Johnny Reid’s Band
Mark Lemieux is the talented drummer in Johnny Reid’s band. Here’s he’s on stage at the Grand Bend Ontario event with the IHRA.



From The Heart…
Johnny Reid in Grand Bend, Ontario performing for the crowd at the IHRA drag racing event.



Dave Cohen, Yvan Petit & Johnny Reid
Dave Cohen on keyboards, Yvan Petit on lead guitar, and Johnny Reid in Grand Bend, Ontario.



Ben Rutz and Rich Petit
All star musicians, Ben Rutz (on fiddle) and Rich Petit (on bass guitar) in Johnny Reid’s band.



Belting Out The Tunes
In classic Johnny Reid style, here he is captivating the audience with his powerful voice.



Johnny Reid’s Eternal Flame
At the end of the concert, the lighters started appearing. (You can see Johnny Reid in the background.)