Singer-Songwriter Johnny Reid Has An Entire Army Of Support Behind Him… So Does Jim!

by Lynnette

Johnny Reid, Music And Songwriters

Fans of Johnny Reid came from all corners of the world to see him perform at last Friday’s IHRA motorsports concert event in Grand Bend, Ontario.

I couldn’t go because I had to work. But Jim helped put the concert together, and he was on-site to make sure everything went smoothly. Smooth-as-pie, I’m told. (Or would that be “ice cream”, Alice?)

Perhaps the coolest news from the weekend: Jim has groupies!

Jim with Terry McMillen's Instigator car.

Yep, Jim seems to have aquired somewhat of a legendary status of his own, simply by virtue of being Johnny Reid’s neighbor.

Supposedly, people were stopping by the Instigator Funny Car tent all weekend looking for “Johnny Reid’s neighbor, Jim”.

…he says the wrist is still healing from all the autographs.

From Alice, as posted on the message boards of Johnny’s Fan Club (the Tartan Army):

Jim was so sweet and very hospitable with us. He told us that he loves it when Johnny and the boys are practicing at his place. He said his wife (Lynnette) and him open their windows so that they can listen in! Too cool! Imagine living next door to Johnny and Jen????”

An Update From Johnny’s #1 Fan

Alice Couto sent me this summary of how she initially met up with Jim (a.k.a. “The Neighbour”) and Johnny:

My friend Linda and I were heading over to find Jim when all of a sudden a golf cart caming whisking by with three fine looking men. We heard “hey!!!”…well, it was Johnny! OMG! I about fainted. So then they stopped and we chatted for a bit. We asked Johnny if he had seen his neighbor Jim yet. He said “yes, this is him!” Jim was driving the golf cart. WAY TOO FUNNY! Jim dropped Johnny off and then we met up with him again and he took Linda and I back to his alligator car and we took a few pictures. Too cool…

Alice’s pictures:

Alice Couto's photograph of she and Jim next to Terry McMillen's Instigator Funny Car in Grand Bend, Ontario. A picture taken by Alice Couto before the Johnny Reid concert in Grand Bend, Ontario Canada.

johnny-reid-alice-couto.jpgJim also joined us at Johnny’s Meet and Greet before the show and had some ice cream with us that I had brought. I brought a big tub of Johnny’s favorite ice cream (mint chocolate chip)… I told you I was a HUGE fan. He even signed the dish for me and I was dared to lick his spoon….what do you think I did? LICKED THE SPOON!


Johnny Reid On Stage

The concert was awesome… Johnny sang four brand new songs. They are great!!!! Very upbeat and lively! Can’t wait for them to come on a CD! –Alice Couto

I would definitely have to say I agree with that statement! Johnny shared those 4 new songs with us before he hit the road for this particular concert. We especially enjoyed “Feelin’ Alright” (I’m pretty sure this will become known as “the bluebird song”).

You can bet we’ll be first in line to purchase Johnny Reid’s new CD when it hits stores in (the winter/fall/summer/date?). By the sound of the first 4 songs, it will be more of a bluesy, soul-filled record.

Here are Alice’s pictures from the concert:

johnny-reid-grand-bend-races.jpg johnny-reid-on-stage-grand-bend.jpg johnny-reid-grand-bend.jpg

Here are Jim’s pictures of Johnny Reid performing at the IHRA motorsports event and concert.


Pictures of Johnny Reid in Terry McMillen’s Instigator Funny Car:

This is Johnny getting firsthand instruction from Terry McMillen on how to start the car using the clutch. Here is the moment the car started revving up, rocking the entire area!

Some pictures and highlights from a night “in the round” with Johnny Reid in Nashville.

My review of Johnny Reid’s CD “Born To Roll”


More About Johnny Reid’s Tartan Army

Tried and true, and loyal til the end, members of the Tartan Army are kept in-the-loop with regard to all activities involving Johnny Reid and the band.

The Army is headed up by MaryRae Knapp, fan club president.

MaryRae sent me this update:

We went to Grand Bend because of Johnny but stayed for the races and really enjoyed our first time at drag races. We would like to go again sometime.

…so the IHRA also has a new fan!

Alice Couto at the Johnny Reid concert in Grand Bend, Ontario. Many thanks to “Johnny’s #1 Fan”, Alice Couto for her concert update and photos.

Look for her in the Tartan Army message boards (ius 95).

She writes:

There is a contest running this summer. The fan that gets the most fans referred wins a prize (I think it might be dinner with Johnny!) Can you even imagine. I would just melt like butter!!!!!!


Johnny Reid’s Tartan Army marches on…

For more information, check out the Tartan Army online or drop them an e-mail: tartanarmy[at]

[Jim’s fan club can be reached here: !]