The Franklin Pig

by Lynnette

Art Fun, Holidays, Pigs, Strange And Funny

This is the 'real' Franklin Pig... This little piggy has made me smile for years now.

I’m sure he… I mean she… I mean IT has had the same effect on hundreds of others who pass by as they drive down Bridge Street in Downtown Franklin.

In fact, I’ve become so accustomed to “checking out the pig” that I get a little upset when I find that they haven’t changed the pig’s attire in awhile.

I’m so intrigued by what the pig is wearing that I even stop to photograph the darned thing every time now!

Anytime I notice that the Franklin Pig is all dolled up in honor of some occasion, national holiday, or other festive event, I jump out and snap a picture or two for the archives.

The archives?…

Yep. To my knowledge, Franklin Fun Times Guide is the one and only place that has documented such over-the-top pride and prejudice for the Franklin Pig.


What’s So Great About A Silly ‘ol Pig?

Call me crazy…

I mean, I never even liked pigs before this!

But I can’t help but think that little oinker and its owner are just too creative to go unnoticed.

I thought such efforts deserved to be photographed and documented for pig lovers everywhere to browse and admire.

Oh yes, and I’m sure that yard art lovers around the world — and fans of porch critters everywhere — will find hours of enjoyment browsing through the Pig Photogallery (below) as well!

So now, let us pay homage to the Franklin Pig and its multitude of timely get-ups…

I present you with a Pig Photogallery:


This Little Piggy…

…is HOT pink!Pig in hot pink t-shirt.


…goes to rodeos.Pig howdy.


…gets married.A pig statue dressed for a wedding... complete with bridal veil and a bouquet of flowers!


…gets pregnant.A very pregnant Franklin Pig.


…goes to the doctor!pig-statue-as-doctor-surgeon.jpg


…it’s a girl!a-little-girl-piglet-was-born.jpg


…goes trick-or-treating.Cement pig wearing a Halloween mask.


…likes the other white meat.Pilgrim pig during Thanksgiving.


…believes in Santa Claus.The neighbor's ceramic pig wearing a Santa hat.


…and Rudolph!pig-rudolph-red-nose.jpg


…has the luck ‘o the Irish.St. Patrick's Day pig on the porch.


invented Pig ears.Easter bunny ears on the ceramic pig.


…loves to golf.The Franklin pig has gone golfing.


…hates windy days!The Pig's umbrella hat blew off his head on this windy day.


…is very smart!The Franklin Pig in cap & gown during graduation.


is patriotic.patriotic-pig-on-4th-of-july.jpg


More to come, I’m sure…

From the Muppets... a Miss Piggy parade float.Question: If a pig loses its voice, is it disgruntled? 

bob-parks-realty-pig2.jpgUPDATE 8/13/07: The Franklin Pig moves on…

Apparently, the time has come for this little piggy to find a new home.

View details about the humble abode — upon which he graced the front porch for years — that is now up for sale and my final tribute to one of Franklin’s most noted celebrities… le Pig!