FREE Bob & Tom Show VIP Weekend Starts Now!

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bob-and-tom-vip-membershipThe Bob & Tom Show is offering a FREE VIP WEEKEND starting today, April 29th and going through Sunday, April 30th.

I’ve already got a VIP pass — compliments of Jim, who signed me up as a VIP member to the Bob & Tom Show as my Birthday present this past year.

I love it… Not only can I “see” who’s in the studio and watch how each of the guests interacts with the show hosts (Bob, Tom, Chick McGee, and Kristi Lee) via their webcams on my computer, I can also download and save any (or all!) broadcasts of the show — without commercials!

If you’ve always wanted to listen to the Bob & Tom Show, but you don’t get it in your area, or you’ve actually thought about signing up as a VIP member, but you weren’t sure if it was worth it… now’s your chance to try it out for FREE!

From an e-mail that fans of the Bob & Tom Show (including me!) received yesterday:

If you’ve always wanted to be a VIP, your moment on the red carpet starts right now, when everyone’s a VIP with a complimentary weekend pass to’s VIP All Access. Streaming audio and video, podcasting, and access to the world’s biggest library of Bob and Tom Classic material, VIP All Access normally costs as much as $55 a year… but it’s yours free this weekend, brought to you by

To get your Pass, go here.

To give you an idea of the type of comedians who are regularly on the Bob & Tom Show, check out their “friends of the show” list.


Some Bits From The Bob & Tom Show…

Here are a few audio clips that I’ve shared in the past after hearing them first on The Bob & Tom Show, and other references to things I’ve learned from The Bob and Tom Show: