Sarah Buxton Photos, Videos & Fun Facts

Sarah Buxton was in the audience to watch friends perform at the Bluebird Cafe one night, when those ‘in the round’ invited her to sing a song of her own! Here are the photos, along with some other fun facts and Sarah Buxton videos…

Jim Reilley Photos

A small collection of photographs taken of Jim Reilley at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville. He’s a popular songwriter who’s well-connected in the music industry….

AC/DC Photos

A small collection of photographs taken at an AC/DC concert in Biloxi, Mississippi. We waited til the last minute to buy tickets… (on site), and we scored some up close and pesonal seats that ROCKED!…

Ashley Cleveland Photos

Here are some up-close-and-personal photographs of Ashley Cleveland, one of my favorite singers and songwriters who happens to live in Nashville….

Shawn Mullins Photos, Songs, Videos, & In-Depth Interviews

Every July or August, Shawn Mullins returns to Nashville for his annual 3rd & Lindsley appearance.

Here are some close-up pictures of Shawn Mullins singing and playing his guitar.

Most of these photos are from his performances at 3rd & Lindsley.

Amy Grant Photos

Here’s a collection of Amy Grant photographs. Most were taken while she was singing and playing the guitar at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee. Some shot capture she and Vince singing together…

Vince Gill Photos

Vince Gill is the “guy next door” around Nashville… He’s frequently spotted at hockey games, his daughter’s singing engagements, at the Grand Ole Opry, and more. Here’s a small collection of Vince Gill photographs taken in and around Nashville…