Thank You, Mr. Giant Foam Finger Maker!

by Lynnette

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The puck is in play!


Predators NHL hockey slogan: 'It's GO time!'

It’s “go time”!

Whatever catch phrase your favorite NHL hockey team prefers, the point is: It’s hockey time!

And that makes a certain someone (me!)  very happy.

Listen to Bud Light’s Real American Heroes ”Mr. Giant Foam Finger Maker”:

Here in Nashville, Predators fans are big on doing the “fang fingers” motion anytime the Preds do something really great.

fang-fingers-nashville-predators-hockey  fang-fingers-foam-finger

Our friends Neil and Abby are true hockey fans — they’ve even got their own “official” hockey jerseys and everything!

While I’m thinking of it, another favorite that the Nashville Predators use is this:


…pretty cool, right?


Section 303, Here We Come!

Aside from the excitement of finally getting to see some hockey for a change, another thing that makes this hockey season different (for us) is the fact that we’re now “official” members of Section 303.


I think we must be the last people they “let in”, because our season tickets are for seats in the very last row of Section 303.

Just kidding. Actually, we picked those seats.

  • One, to be a part of of the rowdiest group of Predators fans.
  • And two, to be able to take advantage of that half-row behind us. It’s perfect for storing all your “stuff” — especially since the seats themselves inside the arena are pretty small. 


Does it look like these seats are a straight vertical slope downhill to you?

Maybe it’s because they ARE!

We love our seats in the nosebleed section though. Here’s a review of Predators Hockey cheap seats vs. on the glass.

Listen to Bud Light’s Real Men of Genius ”Mr. Nosebleed Section Ticket Holder Guy”

In the past, we sat in the cheap seats before, but just for a game or two — never for an entire season. (I’m looking at it as my winter exercise plan, because of all the walking & climbing!)


So, what’s the worst part about sitting up in the nosebleed section at the hockey arena?…

nashville-predators-mascot-gnashIt’s not the lack of oxygen up there.
Nor the fact that the cold air blown in to keep the entire place cool is directly overhead, making it necessary to bring three coats in the wintertime, I’m sure.
And it’s not even the fact that the fans in Section 303 are way more into it than I am most of the time, which leaves me doubting my worthiness to be in this section.

Nope. The worst part is the fact that there are no BEER VENDORS that will dare to venture up that high. (I figure there’s some clause in their insurance policy that prevents them from “approaching such altitudes while carrying heavy loads” or something.)


Nashville Predators’ #1 Fan

pred-ed-nashville-predators-fanWhile we were leaving the arena after the game, we were discussing how it was possible to pass by so many thousands of people — all from the Nashville area — and not run into someone you know. Or at least someone famous! (A lot of local celebs go to the Nashville Predators games.)

Yeah well, the closest I came was spotting “Pred Ed” walking through the halls. He’s a local celebrity of sorts — a “regular” on the late-night talk radio circuit where he always calls in and shares his interesting point of view on the sports talk radio program that follows each Nashville Predators game.

While everyone’s pulling out of the parking lots and heading on their way back home, all ears are tuned to what Pred Ed’s got to say about that night’s game.

And you know how you always like to put a face with the voice you hear? Yeah, well I still can’t do that for Pred Ed!