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Spring Hill TN

Two of the suburbs south of Nashville (Franklin & Brentwood) are getting crowded. That's why we moved to nearby Spring Hill just 12 miles south of Franklin.


The Nashville flood was the first of its kind for this area. The 2 days of constant rain & flooding May 1-2, 2010 in Nashville TN broke all kinds of records!

The fact is, if you live in Williamson County and move to a new home within Williamson County, you do indeed have to change your address with the Tennessee Department of Safety. Here's how to do it, and why it was a big win for me to update and renew my drivers license online!

How to find a Franklin, Tennessee florist or flower shop to deliver flowers or gift arrangements to places near Franklin, TN. Which national companies -- like FTG and Teleflora -- have florists in Franklin. Plus local florists and flower shops that rate highly.

Our neighbor to the south of Franklin -- Spring Hill, Tennessee -- has been named the most business-friendly city in Tennessee!

Three NEW Target stores have sprouted up in the trendy Nashville suburbs surrounding Cool Springs recently, including Target stores in Franklin, Brentwood, and one soon to be in Spring Hill, Tennessee. Here are some little-known facts about Target stores -- especially these four Target stores in middle Tennessee.

Here a little about radio talk show host, Dawson McAllister and his show for teens, plus info about my favorite talk radio station: Real Radio 104.1 out of Orlando, Florida. The station features commentary from Monsters in the Morning, The Shannon Burke Show, and the Phillips Phile.