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Yep, even with the ever-popular Thong Song under his belt, it appears that Sisqo is trying to make his break into Country music these days. Here are photos & highlights from Sisqo's performance at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, where he was one of 7 celebrities competing for a Country music gig.

Who knew that Maureen McCormick could sing?! I mean, other than watching her, as Marsha Brady, perform with her Brady Bunch siblings as The Silver Platters... Remember that episode? Here, Maureen McCormick competes with 6 other celebrities on CMT's 'Gone Country' to see which ONE will be awarded a country music contract.

Kellie was seated upstairs in the left balcony. I was standing on the far right side of the stage, up front. Nevertheless, I managed to snap a couple of photos of Kellie at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, Tennessee.

Julio Iglesias, Jr. has 'Gone Country'. Now, he's striving to be the one -- of 7 celebs competing for the chance -- who is awarded a Country Music deal. Tonight he sang one of the songs that he co-wrote with Nashville songwriters.

Carnie Wilson's baby girl, Lola Sofia, was the subject of the song that Carnie chose to sing onstage at the Wildhose Saloon in Nashville. It's a song that she co-wrote with Leslie Satcher for the CMT reality TV show called 'Gone Country'. Here are photos...

It was obvious that John Rich sees a lot of promise in Diana DeGarmo as a Country music artist. He talked her up big time -- not that she needed it -- and the big-wigs in the balcony seemed to be overwhelmingly receptive of her as a performer. She had a lot of fan support too.