In The Round With Dylan, Turk, Morry, Johnny… and Franky

A photo summary of our night at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville to see Dylan Altman — he has a few hits on the radio with Trace Adkins and Tim McGraw; Sean ‘Turk’ McNamara — an Irish Pub ‘regular’ kinda guy; Morry Trent — more of a songwriter than a singer, but every word comes straight from the heart; Johnny Reid — a Canadian superstar who’s now making it big in the States; and Franky Perez — one to watch for.

Jeffrey Steele Photos & Facts

Jeffrey Steele is one of our favorite songwriters of all time. Plus, he’s a great performer to watch… especially in small venues where you’re up close and personal with this energetic character! Here’s our best stuff about Jeffrey Steele

Songwriter Craig Wiseman Photos & Facts

Craig Wiseman doesn’t have an official website. Judging from our hits on a daily basis, this site might be serving as Craig Wiseman’s official homepage! Check it out…

Join Me In Welcoming Johnny Reid To The Neighborhood!

Well, well… it looks like the “new neighbors” who moved in next door to us are none other than big-time Canadian singer/songwriter Johnny Reid, along with his beautiful wife and two adorable young sons!…

Songwriters Deserve Due Respect

I long for the day that it becomes commonplace to see and hear the name of the songwriter — in addition to the singer — on all music radio and video channels!

Why We Are Proud To Live In Music City USA

It seems quite appropriate that we eventually ended up living in Music City, USA since we have a unique appreciation for songwriters, the music industry, and songs that aren’t necessarily mainstream. We feel so fortunate to live in Nashville, Tennessee because it’s such a musically-rich town. Here’s everything we love about Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee.