See Why Pinkerton Park In Franklin, TN Is Our Favorite Park For Kids

by Lynnette

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One of the best city parks in Franklin — for kids — is Pinkerton Park.

A glimpse of the playground at Pinkerton Park in Franklin TN

It’s located on Highway 96, just past the railroad tracks on the east side of downtown Franklin.

Why it’s the best Franklin park?

Honestly… because there are so many signs regulating all the things that adults cannot do, that there’s nothing but fun to be had for the littlest citizens of Franklin!

We’re talking tiny tots here.

One of the best things about this park is the fact that the play yards and climbing objects are pretty sophisticated at this park.

We had friends from out of town visit us on the Fourth of July, and the first park that came to mind to entertain our little niece and nephew was: Pinkerton Park!

Here are some pictures from that day — which involved a boy, a baby, and a water bottle.


Pictures of Pinkerton Park Playgrounds

One of the best playgrounds for kids in Franklin TN is at Pinkerton Park

A partnership between the Franklin Parks Department, Friends of Franklin Parks and the Williamson County Library, the trail allows children and families to read a story about forest animals at 20 stops along the way, making for an interactive walking experience. The exhibit will remain throughout the year, with plans to change the story annually. —Tennessean

This is another huge play area for kids in Pinkerton Park - Franklin TN.

This park is a great place to bring the kids for a picnic and has a large playground area. There is a 1 mile paved walking/jogging path which is lighted for early evening use. Cross the Sue Douglas Berry Memorial pedestrian bridge to connect to Historic Downtown Franklin. Fort Granger is a short hike from the park. –BabyZone

Pinkerton Park is a great play for a picnic with the family, a birthday party for the kids, and a short hike with the dog.

More great pictures of Pinkerton Park in Franklin, Tennessee.

This park is home to the Pinkerton Park Trail — a 1-mile loop for adults (and their dogs) to enjoy.

Pinkerton Park just so happens to be the same park where hubby and I carved our names in a tree and we also spelled “Nashville” in leaves there (…a corny tradition we have before we move to new places).

This park already ROCKS as it is… but look at all of the amazing upgrades they’re planning for Pinkerton Park!


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