Who Are Jim & Lynnette?

by Lynnette

Jim is an outgoing adventurer who’s always in search of a great opportunity and someone who finds great joy in helping others along the way.

Lynnette is an extremely organized go-getter who takes great pride in her multi-tasking skills — always looking for yet another project to work on that involves researching, writing, or photographing.



Together, they’re a perfect team of entrepreneurs who enjoy tackling do-it-yourself projects great and small — both online and off!

Here’s more about Jim and Lynnette and how they started Squeaky Wheel Marketing, Inc…


Jim - the calm, cool and collected one who is extremely patient,<br /> loyal, and a true team player.

Jim has always been an entrepreneur in spirit — from starting his own printing company at the age of 25 to repeatedly finding ways to incorporate his creativity, ideas and unique eye for marketing campaigns into his paid jobs, and at home.

He’s a problem-solver whose many years in sales (since the age of 9!) have made him completely fearless of rejection and forever challenged by closed doors.

He knows the printing and publishing business like the back of his hand, because he’s lived it for the bulk of his adult years. Yet he seeks the challenge and thrives on the success of tackling the unknown.

He’s self-taught in HTML and all forms of computer know-how, and he has a constant burning desire to learn new things.

Jim is a “tinkerer” by nature… someone who likes to get under the hood, and take things apart in order to understand how they work. So he’s perfect for handling the behind-the-scenes coding and scripting of this website (and others).

He has this uncanny ability to remain calm and devoted even when he’s tackling the most difficult of projects, and most others would have called it quits!


The hats Jim is wearing these days:


Lynnette - the ultimate multi-tasker who gets<br /> bored easily and is always looking for something meaningful to do

Lynnette proudly shares the title of “Serial Entrepreneur” with hubby, Jim. She is self-taught in HTML and all forms of computing, she gets the most pleasure from “learning-by-doing” — always adding her own unique “twist” to a project in the end, rather than doing things “by the book” or in ways that things are  supposed to be done.

She’s a full-time writer and computer operator with creative organizational skills. If you ever want to know the best way to get something done, ask Lynnette. Better yet, if you ever want to find a way to use an object other than for its intended purpose… then ask Lynnette! She hangs her hat on the motto: “Think outside the box”.

Lynnette works (and plays) in front of a computer screen, with all of the tiny details of her personal and professional day-to-day life being organized, categorized, researched and filed in some way within a computer.

She’s known as “the Queen of Research” because she thrives on researching anything and everything on the Internet, and she has quite a sophisticated system of organization to show for it! Her strength is summarizing “the best of the best” information, combined with “been there, done that” firsthand experiences from herself and others.


The hats Lynnette is wearing these days:

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