John Mayer’s TV Show + Photos And Highlights Of John Mayer Performing

by Lynnette

John Mayer, Music And Songwriters, Reality TV In Tennessee

Jim and I were flipping through the channels late the other night when we happened upon VH1.

As it turns out… John Mayer Has A TV Show is a brand new series on VH1.

John Mayer performing with band on TV.

On the show, John Mayer was walking around the stadium dressed in a Bear costume before one of his concerts, and he was asking people what they thought of John Mayer.

It was hilarious, since they didn’t know it was HIM! And he was mocking them and making fun of “that John Mayer guy”, and being a regular stand-up comedian. It was hilarious.

Here it is:

And, that’s not all…

The entire 30-minute program was like “man on the street” stuff — where John Mayer was playing the devil’s advocate with the random people he met.

Then there was a bit where he’s having a one-on-one conversation with rapper Trick Daddy, and John was handling all of the twists & turns this guy sent him on like a champ!

John and Trick Daddy went on a tour of downtown Nashville next. I must say — this bit of the show made us Nashvillians look pretty bad. But still, the comedy won out.

And another time, John Mayer chose a handful of lucky girls to form a focus group to help him get a better handle on what his fans really want.

He’s got such dead-pan humor… these girls fell into the bit hook, line, and sinker:

John Mayer earned such respect from us on this night. He’s obviously a guy who doesn’t take himself too seriously. And he’s a great improvisational comedian!!!

As stated by VH1:

John Mayer’s talk show is set on the road. Shot guerrilla-style, it’s one part documentary, one part travelogue and one part sketch comedy. The show is a fast-paced half-hour that offers up an entertaining behind-the-scenes look at John’s life on the road.


My Favorite John Mayer Photos & Videos

John mayer looking silly but happy while singing on stage.

Closeup photo of John Mayer playing guitar.   I love John Mayer's expressions while performing on stage.  John Mayer really gets into the songs he's performing!

Just another happy song by a happy guy... John Mayer.

Closeup of John Mayer playing guitar on stage.  John Mayer singing from the heart on stage.   John Mayer deep in thought.

John Mayer performing in the round.

Photo of John Mayer getting down to the song and guitar solo.