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It’s Called ‘Fall Creek Falls’ For A Reason…

If there’s one thing we learned this week, it’s that the human body can take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’!

Here’s the story…

We spent Sunday afternoon at Fall Creek Falls in Pikeville, Tennessee (near McMinnville).

Jim and Lynnette at Fall Creek Falls, near McMinnville TN

Jim’s parents were here for the weekend. It was slightly chilly, and slightly misty outside, so we just took a few photographs of the waterfalls, had lunch at their awesome buffet, then made mental notes for a return trip in weeks to come.

HOWEVER… Jim’s dad became one with nature this weekend!

Within the state park, we stopped at a roadside pull-off to take in the mountainous view.

The first waterfall we came to at Fall Creek Falls.

Pops attempted to get a bit “closer” when he suddenly lost his footing on a steep downward slope and went barreling down the hill… also known as a CLIFF!

(Yes, the same cliffs from which waterfalls flow at Fall Creek Falls state park.)

Pops enjoying the scenery at Fall Creek Falls in Tennessee.

As soon as he started to stumble, the momentum of the hill got the best of him, and he was catapulted briefly into the air — bouncing from one rock to another on the way down.

He finally rolled to a stop toward the edge of the cliff, where he thanked his lucky stars that he was still alive!


Jim watched the whole thing in disbelief while his mom and I stayed in the car instead of braving the chilly air.

Jim pointing to the spot on the ledge where Pops came to a stop during his free-fall.

I noticed Pops clambering back up the hill with:

  • muddy pant legs
  • a torn jacket
  • a bloody elbow

I knew right away that something wasn’t right.

Pops with his torn vest filled with down feathers. To me, the funniest part was the sight of feathers flying everywhere!.

It might be funny now. But it certainly was scary as heck at the time!

Jim wouldn't even get CLOSE to the part where Pops started to slip off the cliff.

I guess it’s called “FALL Creek FALLS” for a reason…