Movies, Blue Collar Comedy Tour, Ashley Cleveland, Blogging & More

by Lynnette

This was a week of creativity gone wild!…

We’ve termed ourselves “serial entrepreneurs” — though we’re not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing! To us, it’s a good thing, cuz it keeps our wheels spinning and life never gets boring.

There were a lot of exciting things added to our plate this week. I won’t go into ALL of them here, but suffice it to say: Life is Good.

What I Learned This Week…
#1… Jim can survive just fine on only 3 hours of sleep a night. (I, on the other hand, cannot.)

#2… The daffodils are in full bloom around here (despite the fact that the REST of the landscape is still crunchy and dead).

Academy Awards TV show to see who wins the Oscar. #3… That we really DO watch a lot of movies (in theaters and on DVD) — especially this past year. So we plan to watch the Academy Awards this weekend… We might actually recognize the movies they’re talking about this year as they’re handing out the Oscars. (Plus, I can’t wait to see what Chris Rock’s up to.)

Handmade cross necklace from Ashley Cleveland. The length can be adjusted from a short choker-style to a long chest-length necklace simply by sliding the knots on either side of the cross. #4… I never thought I’d be a person to wear a cross necklace. But I just love this one I got from Ashley Cleveland, and I wear it all the time!

The Blue Collar Comedy Tour DVD movie. #5… The Blue Collar Comedy Tour and Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again movies ALWAYS crack me up… each time we watch them! (They’re replayed on Comedy Central a lot.)

#6… It’s interesting that the Terri Schiavo case is still in the news AND that there’s sort of a grassroots effort called Bloggers For Terri organized for the purpose of saving her life. Here’s the latest on Terri Schiavo as of today.

Jim shooting photographs in his t-shirt. #7… The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades, now that the New York Times bought

#8… We’ve managed to find space on our creativity plate to add one more thing… This week we agreed to help with the church‘s website in relation to the Crazy Campaign (a fundraising effort to build new facilities and gear more programming toward the children of BCC).

Mom and Pops. #9… We’re looking forward to Jim’s parents visiting with us this weekend!