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Here's a great way to save some money when shopping the first weekend in August each year. So long as you live in Tennessee! It's the annual Sales Tax Holiday which features three tax-free days of shopping statewide.


Following is a list of hotels in and around Nashville, Tennessee that allow pets. Most of these have no restrictions as to the size or breed. And only a few charge an additional fee for this pet-friendly option.

Three NEW Target stores have sprouted up in the trendy Nashville suburbs surrounding Cool Springs recently, including Target stores in Franklin, Brentwood, and one soon to be in Spring Hill, Tennessee. Here are some little-known facts about Target stores -- especially these four Target stores in middle Tennessee.

From Franklin, Tennessee, Leah Hulan is an icon in Williamson County. Her motto: 'You ring, we spring!' Here's a collection of billboards featuring Leah Hulan and Grumpy's Bail Bonds... plus, little-known facts about the Grumpy's girl!

If you live in Franklin, Tennessee and you want to sell your vehicle QUICK... just put it on the lot at Details to Go (formerly known as Super Shine of Franklin). Our Jeep Grand Cherokee sold in just a couple days! Here's how we sold our Jeep locally, without the high cost of advertising/classifieds...

Tom Miller, the mayor of Franklin, Tennessee has mentioned his desire to provide wireless broadband Internet access for the entire town. This would make Franklin the first municipality in the state to offer citywide Wi-Fi.

If you're looking for a family practitioner in the Nashville area (specifically, Cool Springs/Franklin/Brentwood), then look no farther than Dr. Michael Overfelt. We've been going to him for years. Here's why Dr. Overfelt is the best doctor around!

BCC was recently rated by Nashville area citizens as the 'Best Place to Worship in Nashville.' If you haven't been to Bellevue Community Church before, here are some reasons to check it out!