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Wi-Fi Community Internet Service: Franklin, Tennessee Is Leading The Way!

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Tom Miller, the mayor of our little town has mentioned his desire to provide wireless broadband Internet access for the entire town of Franklin, Tennessee. This would make Franklin the first municipality in the state to offer citywide WiFi.

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Community broadband Internet service eliminates the need for residents to buy into high-cost Internet plans through individual ISPs, and provides access for everyone.

Cable Internet vs. Community WiFi Networking

Our Internet service is through Comcast. And while we’re quite satisfied with the service (especially the SPEED of cable Internet!), we look forward to the day that high-speed WiFi Internet connections are available in and around our town of Franklin, Tennessee.

Our cable Internet bill currently runs about $50 per month; not bad for three computers accessing high-speed cable Internet service 24/7. But we would definitely be willing to pay a bit more in property tax or something if it would mean low-cost Internet access for all Franklin residents — everywhere, all the time!

For example, some communities are charging as little as $15 a month for Internet access, which also allows unlimited local and long-distance Internet telephone service as well.

Get Free Internet In YOUR Community

To help get WiFi braodband Internet access available in more communities, including your own, simply click the links below. Each is a professionally-written form letter addressed to the approprriate person(s)… all you have to do is add your name & send. It’s that easy!

Believe it or not, there are some legislators who want to stop you from getting universal, citywide wireless!

And, of course, there are the cable companies who are putting up a fight, effectively slowing down the process.

Find Wi-Fi Access In Franklin, Tennessee

UPDATE 2/7/08:
Well, Franklin, TN has a new mayor (John Shroer). And, as a result, Franklin’s WiFi community-wide Internet service is now back on track!