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If you're wondering what to do about your kitchen or bathroom design, then the following home designers are likely to be helpful. Most of these are certified interior designers who reside here in the Franklin and Nashville area. Many have come highly recommended by the design centers and showrooms we have visited.

The details of our dog's first visit to The Farm at Natchez Trace -- a pet boarding facility in Franklin, Tennessee. Here's why he loves The Farm... and so do we!

Everything you could possibly want to know about The Farm at Natchez Trace -- a dog boarding facility located at 9479 Highway 96 in Franklin, Tennessee. Our dog loves it!

Owen Carpet Company carries a full line of officially-licensed college carpets and college team mats. They also have rugs featuring the logos of NFL teams, including the Tennessee Titans -- like this one.

What started as an attempt to located building supply centers and salvage yards in and around Nashville and Williamson County Tennessee quickly spiraled into this growing list of home centers and specialty stores that will definitely be useful along the way. Most of these are in Franklin Tennessee or Williamson County... with a few in Nashville.

Are you prepared if your pet becomes sick or injured... and your vet's office is closed? Here's what you need to know about P.E.T.S... the Pet Emergency Treatment Service which is located in Brentwood, Tennessee near Cool Springs.

Do you need a lawyer in the Nashville, Tennessee area? How about a will? We've got some tips for you, if you live in Tennessee...

Did you know that you can actually get U.S. Postage Stamps with the official Tennessee Titans logo or a Titans football helmet on them? They're incredibly cool... just for the sports fan who loves the Tennessee Titans football team!

Currently the closest the Music City Star -- Nashville's new commuter train -- gets to Franklin is downtown Nashville in Riverfront Park. Good news though... Plans are in the works for an extension to the train's route, with stops in Brentwood and Franklin!