Take Me Out To The Ballgame: Nashville Sounds Baseball Game & Guitar Scoreboard Photos

by Lynnette

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Nashville Sounds baseball team logo. Harlo and Georgia, invited us to go to a Nashville Sounds baseball game with them last Sunday.

We had good seats: 10th row above the Nashville Sounds dugout on the 3rd base side. It was a great deal: 4 “best-available” seats (which happened to be up-close between Home and 3rd base), plus 4 hotdogs and 4 full-sized bottled sodas… for $48.


It Was Hot, Hot, Hot!

It was so hot, the ice cream melted in no time. What fun! However, it was Hot HOt HOT… So hot, this girl’s ice cream practically melted before she had a chance to eat it. The scoreboard said it was 91-degrees when we arrived at the 6 o’clock game.

Jim and Lynnette at the Nashville Sounds game.jpg We had a great time. (Though, naturally I spent more time people-watching and taking pictures than I did watching the game.)

Georgia and Harlo at the Nashville Sounds baseball game with Ozzie the mascott in the background. This was their first time watching a ballgame at Greer Stadium. And yes, this one IS a stadium, as opposed to a field!

Jim got into the baseball spirit... here he is at the 7th inning stretch singing 'Take Me Out To The Ballgame'. By the way, if you haven’t seen the video of Jeff Gordon “singing” Take Me Out To The Ballgame yet, you’ve gotta check this out!

For the record, these two are a TRIP!

Georgia and Harlo enjoy many of the same things we do: biking, photography, traveling, and practically anything outdoors. They are game to try just about anything once.

Harlo and Jim talk baseball as the night falls and the game winds down. The temperature dropped 10-degrees and we ended up watching the game under the lights.


What’s Your Sign?

As team manager, Frank Kremblas hung out near us at the 3rd base line most of the night.

Manager Frank Kremblas giving 'signs' to the batters. Jim suggested I get a shot of Kremblas giving “signs” to the batters… He had it down to a science.

I preferred photographing his highly concentrated manner of eating sunflower seeds!

He was into it:


Frank loves his sunflower seeds... Team manager, Frank Kremblas spitting sunflower seeds.

Frank Kremblas is the Nashville Sounds manager originally from Phoenix, Arizona. Manager Frank Kremblas eating more sunflower seeds.

Name: Frank Kremblas, Nashville Sounds manager
Favorite Food: Sunflower seeds
Favorite Hand Signal: “I need more sunflower seeds”


Fire In The Sky

Nashville Sounds scoreboard shaped like a guitar. This IS Music City USA! One of the highlights on this day was the Fireworks show immediately following the game. It’s no secret that my all-time favorite holiday is the 4th of July. And this year, I get two fireworks shows for the price of one!

And let me just tell you… the Fireworks display put on by the Nashville Sounds is one helluva show!!! Most large cities would have a hard time matching this one.

Jim managed to capture a ton of great fireworks photos with our Canon D300 Digital Rebel:

fireworks_6.jpg fireworks_2.jpg fireworks_1.jpg

fireworks_8.jpg fireworks_black_white.jpg fireworks_5.jpg

fireworks_3.jpg fireworks_4.jpg fireworks_7.jpg


To The Ballgame… And Beyond!

Harlo and Georgia have only been in Middle Tennessee for a couple years, and they’re in Spring Hill (which is 30 minutes FARTHER from Nashville than Franklin is), so they haven’t seen much of “the big city” yet.

Since Jim loves to play tour guide whenever we have friends & family in town, he quickly put on his Tour-Guide-In-Training hat and loaded up the bus (Georgia’s SUV) and started driving up and down the streets of downtown Nashville.

It was about 10:30 on a Sunday night, but there was still a lot of hustle & bustle on the streets of NashVegas. Jim pointed out all of the key highlights in a matter of minutes.

Then we rode through Music Row, ooohing and ahhhing over the buildings and the sweat equity that has accumulated through the years there.

Then, our tour guide got the bright idea that this tour should be extended into an official “Tour of the Stars’ Homes”! “We’ll, just swing by Alan Jackson’s house,” said Jim…


The Best Sports Scoreboard In The World

The guitar-shaped scoreboard at the Nashville Sounds games is super cool.

It’s definitely one-of-a-kind!

Here are my favorite photos of the Nashville Sounds guitar scoreboard:





Our Photos From Another Nashville Sounds Baseball Game


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Jim and Mike at the Nashville Sounds baseball game.


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Mike drinking a beer at the baseball game.


Having A Good Time At The Baseball Game
Our self-portrait at the baseball game.