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It Was All Fun & Games This Weekend!

Abby, Neil and Jim playing cards. Our favorite couples game is Euchre. After my little rendezvous at the Post Office, and before our night out on the town with Harlo and Georgia, Neil & Abby came over Saturday night to play our favorite adult couples game: Euchre!

First Neil obliges by giving us a CD filled with photos taken during the Spring Training games that we enjoyed with them in Arizona (in MARCH).

Which is fine, I had no big plans for the pics just yet. I figured the lapsed turnaround time was due to the fact these guys aren’t big into tech, and such things get low priority in their household.

That is, until a few weeks ago!…

Meet The World’s Last Couple To Go High-Tech

Alert the media, tell all your friends. I believe that Neil and Abby are America’s last 30-something couple to enter the age of technology — with modern day high-tech toys and everything!

Not only did they obtain their first digital camera just a few short months ago (10 years after digital photography became mainstream). NOW, they are the proud owners of a new household computer (they were about 20 or so years behind on this one).

Neil and Abby.

Ahhh, the gleam in their eye… the glow on their cheeks. They are flush with excitement… the proud parents of their own little bundle of joy. (No, they don’t have any children… yet!)


Neil Teaches US A Thing Or Two About Tech

And, believe it or not, Neil taught us something “tech” that we didn’t know!

A photo CD with the label imprinted directly on the CD.

You see, he had managed to imprint some fancy labeling onto the photo CD. In effect, after he burned the actual photos onto the disk, he then burned the “label” onto the disk.

…and we didn’t know you could do that!

Call us behind the times, but we thought old-fashioned sticky labels were still the way to go when it comes to labelling CDs… on a personal PC anyway.

But no… Neil explained that today’s CD burners have print mechanisms inside which (combined with some free CD-printing software) makes it possible to literally imprint words and/or images (such as logos) directly onto any CD — even in color!

Too cool. (Of course, now Jim wants one of those… for the 2 CD’s we burn each year.)


They’ve Gone To Great Lengths…

Neil showing Jim how the MyFi XM Satellite Radio works with your personal home stereo speakers. Now, it seems they’re on a roll. Neil and Abby have the digital camera, the personal computer, and… (drumroll please) even XM Satellite Radio!

Jim eyeing Neil's XM satellite radio he brought  in from the car, using our home stereo asa receiver. After Jim got done salivating all over it, Neil gave us a run-down of all the cool features on his new Delphi XM MyFi Satellite Radio Receiver.

More on the MyFi XM Satellite Radio Receiver and our quest to obtain satellite radio in a future post here.

Suffice it to say: We’re getting one. And it will be this week. Have I mentioned that we’re very impulsive shoppers?… especially when it involves something techy.