Wolfgang Puck Express In Cool Springs – A Review

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wolfgang-puck-express-franklin-tn.jpg As far as I know, Franklin’s Wolfgang Puck Express is a one-of-a-kind restaurant in this area. It’s gourmet food served fast. They call it "fast-casual meals."

Wolfgang Puck Express takes the best qualities from fast food and gourmet dining and merges them.

I have been going for years now, and I have always had consistently great food served in minutes.

Here’s my review of Wolfgang Puck Express in Cool Springs, in case you’re thinking about going…


Placing Your Order

When you go in, Wolfgang Puck Express in Cool Springs has a really different set up.

First, you place your order and pay at the counter.

Like a fast food restaurant, the counter does have a menu board above the cashier’s head, but unlike a fast food joint, it also has a flat screen TV playing images of Wolfgang Puck himself preparing meals.

wolfgang-puck-express-menu.jpgThere is also a cooler in front of the cashier stocked with mineral water, wine, and beer.

After ordering, you receive a plastic tent with your order number on it to display on your table.

The dining area is very open and has a high ceiling. The colors are warm and the style is contemporary.

The kitchen is in the back and is open. There is even a counter with chairs surrounding it, if you prefer to watch the cooking.

After waiting only about 5 minutes, a waiter finds your number and brings your food. So it’s not McDonalds fast, but much better than the typical fine dining wait.

How’s The Food?

wolfgang-puck-express-dining-room.jpgThe best part is the food! It really is gourmet, and there is a wide variety to choose from.

On the menu, they offer:

  • salads
  • soups
  • sandwiches
  • pastas
  • pizzas
  • classic entrees with fish, chicken, and more

I never go without ordering a cup of the Butternut Squash soup. It’s great! I also like the Chinois Chicken Salad, Margarita Pizza, and Pesto Chicken Sandwich.

My husband and son always get the same thing when they go: barbeque chicken sandwich and macaroni and cheese, respectively.

Lucky for us, the price is not gourmet. It’s quite affordable:

  • Salads are $8
  • Sandwiches are $7
  • Pastas are under $11
  • Individual pizzas are $8
  • Classic entrees are under $14

Kid-Friendly Dining

Besides the food, another reason that I like Wolfgang Puck Express is because it’s kid-friendly. It is on our list of 2-year-old approved places — which means it’s just loud enough to not feel uncomfortable if it happens to get loud at our table.

Plus, you can get in and get out pretty quickly. We are not the only ones that feel this way, since I do see a lot of young families there. (But then again we do go early, around 5:30.) I have seen plenty of after work people drop in too.

What About Tipping?

Wolfgang_Puck_Express_Kitchen.jpgThe one thing that was confusing to me with the merging of the 2 dining types is the subject of tipping.

Yes, you have a waiter, but they don’t take your order or bring a bill. They just bring the food to your table and then check on you.

So I asked about this. The cashier told me that you can tip at the counter when you pay and the entire staff shares it, although I got the impression that it’s optional. So, I decided to tip when I paid at the counter, but just a couple bucks, much less than the typical 18 percent.

Location, Location, Location

Wolfgang Puck Express is located in a great area of Cool Springs. It’s in the same shopping area as Bed Bath and Beyond, right in between Starbucks and Carrabbas.

The address:
553 Cool Springs Blvd.
Franklin, TN 37067

You can even call ahead and pick up your meal. Their phone number is (615) 771-9066.

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