I Learned A Lot While Working For A Vet

by Lynnette


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One of the first jobs I sought out after working the majority of my adult years in higher education was: working in a vet’s office!

It had always been a dream of mine. I’m an animal lover, and a lifelong dog owner.

I also like to see firsthand and learn for myself what goes on behind the scenes whenever I possibly can.

This job working at the local vet was perfect! I had a blast. And I learned so much.

Here are a few photos I took while working at the Animal Hospital…


Filing Pet Records at Cool Springs Animal Hospital
Lynnette filing pet records at Cool Springs Animal Hospital
Still working on web sites, I always kept my eye open for other “fun” jobs listed in the paper and online classifieds. When I came across this job opening at Cool Springs Animal Hospital, I jumped on the chance to work at a vet!



Answering Phones At The Vet
Answering phones at the vet.
I really enjoyed my job at Cool Springs Animal Hospital. I answered phones, set appointments, checked the pets in for routine appointments and overnight surgeries, accepted payments, arranged cremations and burials, checked on pets who were being boarded overnight, and learned a whole lot about animal health care and trauma.



Vet Assistants: Elana & Miranda
Elana and Miranda working at Cool Springs Animal Hospital.
Elana (left) and Miranda (right) running some tests on a veterinary speciman.



Jane The Bookkeeper
Jane is running the day's totals at the vet.
Jane was actually more than just the bookkeeper.. Where I helped the clients and their pets on the front-end — checking them in and such — Jane helped the clients on the back-end — checking them out. She also made sure that the deposits got to the bank on time each day (… and lots of other random stuff).



Dr. Jones: World’s Best Veterinarian
Dr. Jones in his vet garb at Cool Springs Animal Hospital.
Dr. Jones, owner of Cool Springs Animal Hospital, took a millisecond out of his busy day at the vet to let me snap this photograph.



Just Another Day At The Vet
Heather (left) and Elana (right) at Cool Springs Animal Hospital.
It’s just another day in paradise at the Cool Springs Animal Hospital.



My Closest Co-Worker: Lynn
Lynn and Lynnette - at the vet.
A day in the life of a receptionist (et. al) at Cool Springs Animal Hospital. Actually, we were far more than just receptionists, as there WERE no titles at the Cool Springs Animal Hospital. I spent most of my working hours with Lynn. We both worked the opening/morning shifts a lot.



Under The Microscope
Elana and Miranda examining specimens under the 'scope... again.
I caught Miranda and Elana in the “lab-or-a-tory” examining items under the microscope again.



It’s… Elana! (Again)
Taking a break after the close of business at the vet.
Elana managed to find her way in most of my pictures at the vet. Though her bubbly spirit is probably what enticed me to even bring out the camera in the first place. Here, she and Eilene are enjoying a much-needed rest after a busy day at the vet.



Thank You And Have A Nice Day
Jane hard at work at the vet.
Jane and I were pretty good buds, cuz we started work at the vet on the same day. Here, she’s prepared for what she loves best: Handing out dog treats to all the canines as they leave the facility. (…That, in addition to collecting the necessary dollars and cents for the day’s services.)



A Mastiff Puppy Jim And I Considered Adopting
A mastiff puppy.
When I was working at the vet, this puppy was being neutered before he went up for sale at the local pet store. This is a mastiff puppy. And for a very brief period, we considered adopting him.



Bull Mastiff Puppy At The Vet
Bull mastiff puppy at the vet.
After much contemplation, we’re glad that we didn’t end up adopting this little guy. He would’ve outgrown our house in no time!



Holiday Party With Co-workers From The Vet
Miranda (vet tech), Dr. B. (veterinarian), and Elana (vet tech) at our holiday party.
For the holidays Dr. J (owner of Cool Springs Animal Hospital) invited all of us workers and our spouses to his house for a little party. Here, vet techs, Miranda (left) and Elana (right) were sampling the bubbly with Dr. B. (veterinarian).



Meet The Party Hosts: Dr. Jones & His Wife
Dr. J and his wife at their holiday party for vet employees.
Dr. Jones from Cool Springs Animal Hospital and his wife graciously hosted a holiday party for all employees at the vet.



On The Comfy Couch
Holiday party guests at the party Dr. J threw for his employees.
I worked with a lot of really sweet people at the vet. Here, from left to right: Lynn, Nancy, me, Jane.



Susan: The Vet’s Most Loyal Employee
One of the vet assistants talking to Susan.
Susan (right) was one of my favorite co-workers at the Cool Springs Animal Hospital. She’s a REALLY hard worker with a great work ethic, and she looks out for you as a “newbie”. She’s also been at the vet the longest (I think).



Our Dog Destin’s Girlfriends
Our vet friends, Elana, Theresa, and Dr. B.
Early on, Destin showed a clear preference for girls! And, no matter how bad he was feeling, he’d strut his stuff for the females in the room… and they all thought he was just soooooo cute. This was Destin’s 2nd vet appointment — to follow up on the treatment for mites, scabies, etc. His treatment was working, and he was feeling just fine.