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Are you prepared if your pet becomes sick or injured... and your vet's office is closed? Here's what you need to know about P.E.T.S... the Pet Emergency Treatment Service which is located in Brentwood, Tennessee near Cool Springs.

See when and where the Easter Egg Hunts are taking place for children in Williamson County Tennessee this year.

The following list of activities are just for kids! Most of these are in Williamson County, TN, but a few extend into other parts of Nashville. If you're planning a children's event, say for your child's birthday, then you may want to consider these fun places in and around Franklin, Tennessee...

Here's a great way to save some money when shopping the first weekend in August each year. So long as you live in Tennessee! It's the annual Sales Tax Holiday which features three tax-free days of shopping statewide.

They say Nashville's fireworks show is the 3rd best in the nation, after New York City and Washington, D.C.! This year, we decided to see for ourselves. Here are some pictures, plus some tips for watching the fireworks from downtown Nashville, TN.

A one-of-a-kind Pig photo gallery... I pass by this Pig on the porch of a neighbor's house every day, and every time they change what the pig is wearing -- or holding --I stop and take a picture. If you love Pigs, or just want a good laugh, you'll enjoy these pictures of Pigs -- all dressed up!

Here are all the places in Franklin, Tennessee where you can enjoy a Sunday Brunch this Easter Sunday.


Looking for something fun to do this holiday season? There are a number of fun things to do in the Nashville area... You might enjoy viewing these Christmas lights displays. Or, consider visiting these holiday attractions in middle Tennessee.

Haunted Tennessee walking tours in the Nashville and Franklin areas... plus some interesting haunted places within the state of Tennessee you might not have known about.