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Doesn’t Anyone Read The Newspaper Anymore?!

Today is the day after a holiday: President’s Day.

Either no one around here gets the newspaper. Or… they get the paper & just don’t read it.

How do I know?

If they did, this many people in my neighborhood wouldn’t have put their garbage out on the day after a Monday holiday — hoping that their garbage would, in fact, be picked up on Tuesday like usual.

williamson-county-garbage-day.jpg williamson-county-trash-pick-up-day.jpg

As proof that no one in my neighborhood reads the local newspaper, I found the article from The Tennessean online (dated February 18, 2007) which clearly states:

“Trash pickup schedule a day behind”franklin-garbage-collection-day.jpg Unfortunately, I found this after the fact. So, like an idiot, I followed the lead of my neighbors (whom I thought read the newspaper!) and placed our garbage by the curb, as well.

From these pictures, you can also get a better idea of what I was talking about here, here, and here. (Summarized: Too many cars that can’t fit in the garages anymore, lots of curbside & driveway parking, and too much “good stuff” kicked to the curb.)

By the way, the chair you see in the trash?… Busted and completely unusable. (If the base hadn’t been broken, I would’ve considered removing the back & arms & using it as a scoot-around chair in the garage or garden.)


Who Subscribes To Newspapers & Why?

Years ago, we subscribed to The Tennessean. And before that, we subscribed to the newspaper where we lived in Florida.

But, we don’t subscribe to newspapers anymore. (Who needs all that waste of paper and inky black fingertips???)

These days, we get all our news online. Besides, the local newspapers rarely have anything to add that the local news commentators on TV haven’t already said anyway. (And don’t get me started on how lame the local news reports are becoming… Everything’s so sensationalized.)

Truth be told, we don’t even make time to read the Wednesday edition of the newspaper that arrives in our mailbox FREE each week. Sometimes that paper will make its way to our “bathroom reading” pile. But usually not. It typically just goes straight into the trash bin. (How appropriate for this discussion, right?)

Anyhoo… I’d love to hear why you still choose to subscribe to your local newspaper. (Or, why not.)