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Franklin’s Listening Room Cafe: Opening Soon!

**Good news… see UPDATE below!**

There’s been a lot of hustle & bustle going on in and around The Listening Room Cafe lately…


Every time we drive by, we seem to notice something that’s different!

That’s the good news.

The bad news: Here it is February 20th, and they’re not open yet. I’m not ruling out the fact that they can pull off a February opening, as promised. My fingers are crossed, but I’m guessing like everything else in life with a deadline… deadlines are meant to be broken.

Alas, change is good. In fact, a couple days ago, there was a banner hanging from the roof overhang that read: “Coming Soon”.

Now, that sign is gone, this one — a more permanent one — is in its place:


…Get ready for some FUN times in Franklin, folks!

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Okay, here it is a few hours later, and I’m sitting here happily eating my own words. Yes folks, the Listening Room Cafe in Franklin, Tennessee is officially open for business. I just happened to drive by this evening, and the neon Open sign was flashing… and people were inside enjoying Franklin’s newest music venue and sub shop. (I hope they have Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches!)

Congrats guys! Jim and I will be by to see you soon!