Steamy Hot Kissing Commercial For Rembrandt Toothpaste… With Song By Griffin House

by Lynnette

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griffin-house-singer-songwriter.jpg Okay, so in the car this afternoon, I’m telling Jim about the hot & steamy kissing commercial I can’t get out of my head.

I call it “commercial porn” …though it’s really far from it.

It’s just that every time it comes on, I can’t seem to take my eyes off the television screen for some reason.

I guess all the “lip sucking” makes you wonder what’s going to happen next!

So I get home, hop on the Internet, and see if I can find the Rembrandt commercial online — I was eager to show it to Jim for the first time.

Here it is…


Have you seen it yet?

On TV, I mean.

Come to find out, the song that plays in the background is almost as popular as the commercial itself!

It is Griffin House singing his song “Waterfall“.


Here’s a video of the Rembrandt toothpaste commercial featuring Griffin House’s song…

Small world…

griffin-house-playing-guitar.jpg It turns out Griffin House is headlining at the Exit/In here in Nashville on February 16th!

Listen to a few of his other songs on Griffin’s MySpace page.

And here is Griffin’s own video for the song “Waterfall”…

You can watch the Rembrandt commercial in its highest quality at the Rembrandt website… plus, you get to see an ‘extra’ steamy version of the commercial, too!