Slash & His Snakepit Photos

by Lynnette

Music And Songwriters, Slash

Slash’s Snakepit happened to be the opening band for the AC/DC concert we went to in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Here are a couple of photos we took of Slash and his Snakepit band members.



Slash’s Snakepit
Slash with his new band, 'Slash's Snakepit'.
Slash’s band called “Slash’s Snakepit” was the opening act for AC/DC on this night in Biloxi, Mississippi. This was the band he started after leaving Guns and Roses in 1996. We were actually pleasantly surprised. Slash wasn’t half bad.



That’s Some Serious Bling!
Slash performing in Biloxi Mississippi.
Up close and personal with Slash, performing with Slash’s Snakepit as the opening act for AC/DC in Biloxi, Mississippi.