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Silent Protesters At The Tennessee Supreme Court In Nashville

Blindfolded protesters standing in front of the Tennessee Supreme Court building on March 31, 2005. Leaving work the other day for lunch, I noticed several “silent” protesters lining the sidewalk surrounding the Tennessee Supreme Court.

This is noteworthy for two reasons:


Tennessee Supreme Court building in Nashville, Tennessee. 1. I reside in Tennessee. I work downtown. I even work quite close to the Tennessee Supreme Court building… yet I never knew where the Tennessee Supreme Court was located! Duh. Now I feel kinda stupid.

2. These protesters were being so well-mannered that you almost felt bad for thinking of them as “protesters” and you couldn’t help but feel for their plight — WHATEVER it was.

I’m GUESSING that their plight had something to do with Terri Schiavo having died a few hours earlier on this morning.

Tennessee State Capitol Building and flags - downtown Nashville, TennesseeProtesters standing outside of the Tennessee Supreme Court building wearing blindfolds. They were all standing perfectly aligned along the sidewalk, with their backs to the street and their faces to the Supreme Court building. And they were each wearing a sweatband-type blindfold that had the name of their group imprinted on them. I only caught a glimpse up close… it said something like “Pure Death” or “Dying Pure”. (I wish I could’ve gotten closer to take my pictures, but I was running late.)

Anyway, hope you enjoyed these silent protest photos taken from the nearby Tennessee State Capitol building. I thought they illustrated:
a) the impact of the Terry Schiavo case — beyond Florida; and
b) the fact that protesters aren’t always loud, obnoxious and annoying.

What I Learned Today:
I’m SO glad I always keep a digital camera on me at all times. It’s such a great feeling when you can capture something like this AS IT’S HAPPENING!