Paolo Nutini ‘New Shoes’ Video… Plus More Great Songs & Videos

by Lynnette

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Paolo Nutini is my new favorite artist and “New Shoes” is my new favorite song… the one that I can’t seem to shake from my brain ever since I first heard it a few weeks ago.

The first time I heard watched Paolo sing this song was on the Today Show. I enjoyed watching him and following along closely while he spoke to Matt Lauer with that thick accent. (I’m not sure how well Matt or any of the TV viewers could understand what he was saying, but that’s not the point.) You can clearly make out each and every word as Paolo Nutini sings his songs!

You’ve gotta admit, it’s a catchy song, right?..

Watch & listen to a couple more versions of this same song, plus other songs by Paolo Nutini…

I’ve been searching desperately for his tunes in the local department stores ever since that day in January when Paolo was on the Today Show.

No luck.

It was largely my fault because:

a) I couldn’t remember the name of the artist (until today)

2) No one around here has ever heard “a song about new shoes”

iii) I was having a hard time describing it to the store clerks (…so they’d have some idea as to where to begin looking)

I’d fumble my words. Mumble the concept of the song. And jumble around the actual genre it might exist in. It went something like this: “Um it’s like funky hip hop… No, a rappy snappy fun song… No, I mean kinda jazz-like”. (Huh???)

No wonder everyone was having difficulty putting 2 and 2 together to come up with Paolo Nutini’s new song “Blue Shoes”.

Much to my surprise (I’m pretty finicky music-wise), I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching/listening to some of Paolo’s other songs, too.

Lest I ever worry about not being able to get my Paolo Nutini “fix” again… here’s my favorite collection of Paolo’s best songs.



“New Shoes” by Paolo Nutini (…this is the hottest new video in the States)


Here’s the UK version for “New Shoes” (…I actually like this one better than the U.S. version)


And now for the Live version of “New Shoes” by Paolo Nutini… (I think he’s very captivating to watch!)


“Last Request” by Paolo Nutini (…a sweet, sultry and sexy sound)


Paolo Nutini sings “Jenny Don’t Be Hasty” – Live (…where you can catch a bit more of his personality & lovely accent)


“Loving You” – Live – by Paolo Nutini (…a catchy love song)


Paolo Nutini sings “Rewind” (…starts slow, but the video helps this song a bit)


“Alloway Grove” sung by Paolo Nutini (…a fun song that seems to be a favorite among his fans)


A classic, “Daydream” by Paolo Nutini (…originally sung by The Lovin’ Spoonful)


Paolo Nutini sings “These Streets” – Live (…this is the album’s title track)


Check out “These Streets”… This is Paolo Nutini’s debut album. It contains the hit single, “New Shoes” and lots of his best stuff!



A few days after I wrote this post, I bought his CD (These Streets). Good stuff! There are only 2 songs that I fast-forward through each time. My favorites are: “Loving You” (a little Marvin Gaye-ish), “Last Request” (sounds a bit like Cat Stevens), “New Shoes” (his breakthrough song… you can’t help but enjoy the beat) and “Rewind” (sultry with a point).

Paolo Nutini even made his way to Nashville recently for a sold-out show at 3rd & Lindsley. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it.