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Jim Signs On With Hoosier Thunder Motorsports

Jim signs on with Terry McMillen's race team - Hoosier Thunder Motorsports.We are thrilled to announce that Jim recently joined the team of Hoosier Thunder Motorsports.

He will be  handling all Marketing and Promotions for the team, including the team website, public relations, and new sponsor development.

His aim is to secure some pretty powerful sponsors in order to take the team, led by Funny Car driver Terry McMillen, to the next level: Top Fuel drag racing!

Jim initially met Terry when we were producing and selling PitPass souvenier programs at IHRA drag racing events. (Hence the bright green t-shirt in this photo.)


About Hoosier Thunder Motorsports

Terry McMillen IHRA Funny Car driver and owner of Hoosier Thunder Motorsports.Hoosier Thunder Motorsports is based out of Elkhart Indiana.

The majority of Jim’s work, however, will be completed from home.

In addition, he will be traveling to IHRA races across the U.S. as part of the Hoosier Thunder Motorsports race crew.

Combined with the other full- and part-time work that he does here in Nashville, Jim will certainly have his hands full this year!

Jim’s first race with the Hoosier Thunder Motorsports team is just around the corner: April 1-2 in San Antonio.

…Wish him luck!

Here’s the official Press Release.


Note To Non-Racing Fans (like me)

The thrill of drag racing is the ability to watch super-powered cars exceed 300 mph in 4.4 seconds. (They can go from 0 to 100 miles per hour in 1 second flat!) Oh, and earplugs are a necessity.


This is the truck and trailer that hauls Terry’s car to and from the races:




UPDATE: Jim has also agreed to do the PR & marketing (and some of the websites) for a number of drag racing teams, including:

jim-taking-pictures-at-races2.jpgQuain Stott

Dale Creasy, Jr.

TJ Zizzo

Terry McMillen

Tommy D’Aprile


Update For The 2010 Season And Beyond

Beginning with the 2010 race season, Jim and Terry McMillen’s Hoosier Thunder drag racing team are participating in all NHRA races (instead of IHRA).

That means a lot more TV time!…

Watch for the Amalie Oil Top Fuel Dragster on ESPN2 and ESPNHD all 23 weeks this year.