Our Current ‘Wish List’…

by Lynnette

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Jim and I don’t “do” cards and gifts for each other. Instead of buying Birthday or Christmas (or Valentine’s or any other) holiday present on a particular day, we tend to buy items that we would both enjoy — and something that we’ll continue to enjoy throughout the year. Usually, it’s an item for the house!

So we buy “gifts” — things that we want and need — as we go along, rather than waiting for a special day to arrive. Because, to us, every day is a special day… is it not?

Here are some of the gifts we’ve given each other:

New tree we bought at Home Depot for only $20! Kodak DX4330 3.1MP digital camera - the one Lynnette always has in her purse Toro 'self-propelled' lawnmower - even better than 'personal-pace' lawnmowers

Mega-grill... since we got this Char-broil Commercial Series grill, we rarely use the oven anymore. Perhaps our best purchase...ever! The Canon D300 6.2MP Digital Rebel camera and a BACKPACK camera bag. Jim's new desk with plenty of 'work space' and his new Dell Dimension 8400 computer -- Lynnette got one too!

Our newest tent (we have 3!) - this one accommodates the dogs with side puppy doors! Our 3rd vehicle - 1990 Jeep Wrangler YJ

Our 'newest' Jeep... a 2004 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. Canon Z200 digital camcorder for making movies and videos for our websites. XM satellite radio... Jim's favorite new toy!

We actually keep a running list of “things to buy when they go on sale”. Following are some of the things we’re currently saving up for (or hope to find on sale soon)…

We mostly use this page as a place where both of us can access our “shopping list” from any computer at any time.

That, and the fact that my mom insists on getting Christmas lists from us each year. This page is the closest we’ve come.

Remember, we don’t do gifts — for each other or anyone else under the age of 12 — for the most part. We’re all about spreading time and good cheer with those that we love, but gifts are just “stuff”. And how often do you end up getting or giving something that you/they didn’t want or need anyway? Our theory: save the money, share the love.

Okay, onto our current shopping list…

Just for Lynnette

Just for Jim

–> Updated list here