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(This one could also be titled, “Why I Love Snoop Doggy Dogg”)

Ya gotta love how today’s “Christian music” is becoming “mainstream pop” these days!

Case in point:

I’m on my way home from work yesterday, and I’m listening to my favorite radio station (SCAN). At which point, I come across this song with a funky rhythm… and the words pumping out of the speakers are something along the lines of “Drop It Like It Hot”.

It’s a song that’s had my attention since the first time I heard pieces of it when scanning the radio weeks ago.

It’s got a real catchy chorus that sticks in your head (“drop it like it’s hot… then “park it like it’s hot”… then “pop it like it’s hot”), plus some interesting sounds of people making popping noises with their mouth. Sounds strange, but it’s cool.

So, it got my attention weeks ago, and I’ve continued to stop on that song every time I come across it while scanning.

Didn’t know who the singer was at the time.

Turns out, it’s a Snoop-Dogg song that I’ve become so fond of! The song is “Drop It Like It’s Hot“. (Here are the lyrics).

Who knew? I actually like Snoop Doggy Dogg!!!


Anyway, back to my point…
On my way home from work yesterday, listening to this Snoop-Dogg song on the radio, I’m realizing it’s got a lot of references to thugs and drugs and other such stuff. Whatever… the beat is good. So I keep listening.

Song’s over. And I wait to hear what the next song will be (I’m figuring I had tuned into some rap/urban hip hop station, and was secretly wishing that I’d hear my other similarly categorized new fav: “Hopeful” (know nothing about it or its singer(s) yet, except to say that it’s “rappish”, and I happen to like it).

Back to my story…
The next song, after Snoop-Dogg’s busta thug song?…

I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe.

What has this world come to?
Whatever it is, ya gotta love it!!!

—> News article: “Christian Music Gets Hip”

By the way, these songs were heard on 107.5 The River a pop music station in Nashville.

And, in case you don’t know the MercyMe song, here are the lyrics.

Download songs via iTunes

UPDATE: I’ve since found out that the “Hopeful” song I referenced above is actually called “Hope” and it’s by Twista. It’s a combination of soft rap with a chorus that’s sung like a church choir by someone named Cee-Lo. Now that I see the words to the song “Hope”, I can appreciate it even more! Here’s a full-length video of Twista performing ‘Hopeful’.

Gotta admit though, after sampling all the other songs on Twista’s album “Kamikaze“, I can’t say that I’ll be rushing out to buy that one! (“Lovely Day” kinda has a good beat, as does “Higher“, but I just can’t see myself singing along with the windows down as I’m driving through my neighborhood…)

…did I mention that I like Eminem too?! 🙂

What I Learned Today:
I like rap?