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Shawn Mullins, Chuck Cannon & Mac Davis At The Bluebird Cafe… What A Treat!

Last night we got to see Shawn Mullins perform “in the round” at the Bluebird Cafe. What a treat! There’s nothing better than seeing your favorite performers in small settings like such small, intimate places. Along with Shawn Mullins were Chuck Cannon and Mac Davis. I know… what a group! And we had great seats.

Actress Sean Young Makes An Appearance On Gone Country 2

Actress Sean Young put on her dancin’ shoes and sang a Country song that she co-wrote with a couple of Nashville songwriters at the season finale of Gone Country 2. The show was taped at the Wildhorse Saloon. Her song was called “Time For The Boy To Grow Up”.

Jermaine Jackson’s Low-Key Performance On Gone Country 2

Jermaine Jackson performed at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville during the final taping for Season 2 of Gone Country. His song was a mellow one. It was called ‘Loving You Is The Natural Thing To Do’. He co-wrote it with Nashville songwriters Billy Lawson and Anthony Smith.

Dierks Bentley: Mr. Sad Country Song Songwriter

The folks at Anheuser-Busch have created a new Bud Light Real Men of Genius ad. This one’s called Mr Sad Country Song Songwriter, and they’ve dedicated it to Dierks Bentley — one of Nashville’s top singers and songwriters! Here is the commercial, along with the words & lyrics.

Lorenzo Lamas: This Hollywood Hunk Has Gone Country!

There are a lot of interesting notes about Lorenzo Lamas and his performance at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville — for the taping of Gone Country 2. For starters, his daughter Shayne Lamas was the lucky bachelorette chosen by Matt Grant on this season’s The Bachelor. And Lorenzo’s ex-wife Shauna Sand was at this show with their little girl.

Mikalah Gordon: From American Idol To Gone Country

The moment Mikalah Gordon stepped on stage at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville for the season finale of Gone Country 2, she had the crowd on their feet and cheers from every corner of the place. Not only was she the ‘hottest’ chic in the competition this year, most of the guys in the front row were convinced she was the hottest thing in the building!

Rocker Sebastian Bach Goes Country On Season 2 Of ‘Gone Country’

Sebastian Bach of Skid Row has been called a lot of things, but I doubt he’s ever been called a Country music singer before! He gave the Country music industry a run for its money recently when he participated in CMT’s reality TV series called Gone Country. We were there & snapped these photos…

New Nashville Star Judges: The Show Airs Mondays On NBC Starting June 9th

I’ll be watching Nashville Star 6 this season. But, oddly enough, I think I’m more interested in seeing the judges than some of the performers themselves! I’m diggin’ the fact that Jeffrey Steele is a judge. Finally… more Jeffrey Steele in the limelight! Here’s more about the Nashville Star judges: John Rich, Billy Ray Cyrus, Jewel, and Jeffrey Steele.