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Boring But True… Check Out This Case of Deja Vu!

You Never Know Who You’re Going To Pass On The Way To Work

On my morning commute to work today, I noticed something very unusual…

I merged from the access road onto I-65, and scooted lane-by-lane over to the “fast” lane (which isn’t fast at all between 7am and 8am!)…

Once I comfortably “assumed my position” in the fast lane, plugging forward in stop & go traffic, I noticed that the car that was behind me today – all the way into downtown Nashville – was the EXACT same one that was behind me the day before!

It was a small blue truck – like a Ford Ranger – and I know it was the same one, because it was the same guy eating pancakes from his dashboard (no kidding – like a McDonald’s to go breakfast platter!).

Also, he was the same courteous driver who, like the day before, always kept about 3 car-lengths between me (in front) and him. Rush-hour drivers usually aren’t like that. So I was thankful to have him behind me, both yesterday AND today!

Friends Come In Two’s
And, it gets better….

About the same time that I was getting reacquainted with my new friend from the rear, I also noticed… in the lane to the right of me, there was a green Jeep Wrangler (similar to ours), and it was THE SAME ONE I rode next to on the way to work the day before!

I knew it was the same, cuz this guy did something strange with his zippered windows on the driver and passenger side each day. He unzipped them part way, so the UN-zippered portions were flapping in the wind each day I saw him! Most Jeepers don’t really do that.

Three’s A Crowd
And, still weirder yet…

Yesterday there was a maroon-colored PT Cruiser that rode in the HOV (multiple-occupant “fast” lane) illegally, and at the last minute, right before his exit at the Old Hickory ramp, he zoomed across 4 lanes of rush-hour traffic to reach the ramp at the last possible second — almost cutting off the drivers in each of those 4 lanes.

Well… 24 hours later… he was at it again! The same guy in the same PT Cruiser did the same last-minute 4-lane merger almost killing everyone in his path!

What Are The Odds?
Don’t you think it’s strange that out of 132,000 commuters (according to TDOT) driving into Nashville each morning, I distinctly noticed 3 separate drivers in 3 separate vehicles on one day, only to notice those exact same drivers displaying the exact same behaviors the very next day?…

What I Learned Today…
I’m a very observant driver.


We’re all just creatures of habit. I guess that all 132,000 of us making the morning commute into downtown Nashville tend to leave our homes at the same times each day, and drive to work the same way, and drive with the same mannerisms each day too. Hmmmm.