A Military Presence In Nashville?

by Lynnette

Photos Of Franklin And Nashville, Roads And Driving

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An army truck in Nashville. Maybe it’s just because I went to my nephew’s Boot Camp graduation last weekend that “military” things are more noticeable to me now… I don’t know.

But, something struck me as odd when I saw this OLD-timey Army truck passing through downtown Nashville — right past the Capitol Building — yesterday during rush hour.

Something about this throw-back military truck driving past a shiny new Mercedes Benz car pulling out of the State Capitol, followed by a beefy new Nissan Ridgeline pickup truck — with all its slick edges and sleek curves — and the mass-transit city bus loaded with downtown workers just made this a funny sight to me:

nashville-army-truck.jpgAdd to this the oddity that it was a fairly young female driver (wearing casual military diggs), and it just seemed like something I’d be likely to see in some other country… not here!