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This Little Piggy Goes Home

I guess it’s time for this little piggy to find a new home!

this-little-piggy-goes-home.jpgStory below…

Farewell To The Franklin Pig

You may recall that I’ve been a bit of a pig stalker through the years.

Yep, the Franklin Pig has captured my attention on more than on occasion. (And to think… it all started here.)

Perhaps in an attempt to escape the repeated flashes from my camera…

bob-parks-realty-pig.jpgOr, maybe to find a little bit of countryside away from the hustle & bustle of cars and pedestrians along Franklin’s busy Bridge Street…

Then again, maybe just because his owner decided it was time for this little piggy to move on to greener pastures…

The Franklin Pig has, in fact, left the building!


But Wait, There’s More

Well, okay, he hasn’t exactly left yet.

Until the folks at Bob Park Realty seal the deal with the property’s new owner, there’s still time to catch a quick glimpse of one of Franklin’s most famous residents. He’s stilling porchside at 303 Bridge Street. (Cute little abode, too. I’d encourage you to check it out!)

pigs-house-for-sale-bob-parks-realty.jpgThis concludes my homage to Franklin’s beloved porch pig. My memories of the Franklin Pig will always remain in my heart… and here.