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Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey Sauces & Spices Make Great Gifts

I was in Publix yesterday, when I saw:

Tennessee Whiskey Jalapeno Hot Sauce

It can’t get any hotter than this!

Then I started thinking… regional food favorites like these might make good gifts for out-of-town visitors, or friends & family who’ve moved away.

Try these on for size…

There are several other varieties of Historic Lynchburg Tennessee Whiskey brand products to choose from.

(These are definitely a regional favorite around here.)

A couple of the more interesting ones that I didn’t see at Publix:

The best part is… all of the Historic Lynchburg Tennessee Whiskey products are made with Jack Daniel’s Black Label Whiskey!

And don’t forget to make your way to Lynchburg, TN to tour the Jack Daniels Distillery yourself. We’ve been there several times