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The Franklin Dog Park vs Warner Dog Park

My aim here is simply to give new residents or visitors in the Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee area an honest review and some idea of what they can expect to find upon their first visit to the Warner Dog Park or Maggie's Park Park -- aka The Franklin Dog Park.

Our Favorite Dog Parks In Franklin & Nashville

Here's what you can expect to see when you go to the Franklin Dog Park -- also known as Maggie's Bark Park -- in Williamson County. Or, if you go to the Warner Dog Park -- part of the Percy Warner Parks system between Brentwood and Bellevue in Nashville. Lots of photos!

Parks & Playgrounds In Franklin, Tennessee

Franklin Tennessee is a city filled with parks! There are city parks. And there are county parks. When you add them all up, there are PLENTY of places to enjoy the great outdoors in one of the many parks located in Franklin, TN. In all, there are nearly 30 parks within the confines of the city.

Nashville Spray Parks & Spraygrounds: FREE Water Parks & Fun For All Ages!

A sprayground is a water playground consisting of a multiple groups of spray features surrounded by a kid-friendly playing surface. Spraygrounds are typically automated and use nozzles and shower-type heads to distribute the water. They sometimes include interactive features, as well. For example, some sprays can be activated by users touching a button which begins a computerized water sequence. Here are Nashville's spray parks...

Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign…

At a local city park, there are just too many signs. While they have removed the 'Absolutely No Ball Throwing' sign, and a few other similar -- non fun -- signs, I was still amazed by the sheer number of signs you're faced with the moment you step foot in this lovely city park. How many signs can you spot in this one photo?