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Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign…

To give you a better idea of what I was talking about here, I went to Pinkerton Park (aka “Sign Park”) here in Franklin to photograph the evidence.

To my delight, I noticed that they have removed the “Absolutely No Ball Throwing” sign, and a few other similar (non-fun) signs.

But I was still amazed by the sheer number of signs you’re faced with the moment you step foot in this lovely city park.

How many signs can you spot in this one photo?



Do not go to Pinkerton Park in Franklin, Tennessee unless you can read. Otherwise, you might not know how to conduct yourself in this public park.

Then again, I look at it this way: a trip to this park as a great opportunity to help your child learn to read. Who needs books when you could just read all these signs???

This one was a close runner up to the lead photo in this story (above).

I counted 9 signs in the first photo, and 8 signs in this one:



Now, more sign madness…

Rollerblading is fun, as long as you have a nice, long, paved area to rollerblade on. Like rollerblading? Sorry, not at this park…

no-rollerblades-sign.jpg no-rollerblading.jpg


Don’t even think about… Going offroad near the picnic area grills, enjoying a pleasant jog along the trail (…there’s too much to read!), or parking anywhere near the picnic shelters (…despite the fact that we’ve paved it for you).



Do we really need a sign saying “Don’t hit the pedestrians”… in a park? And they sure do take their grass seriously around here… Call me crazy, but maybe if they’d let you park on all the paved areas (see above), then people wouldn’t be so inclined to park on the grass!…

no-parking-on-the-grass-sign.jpg yield-to-pedestrians.jpg dogs-on-leash-sign.jpg do-not-enter-franklin-sign2.jpg no-parking-speed-limit-signs.jpg


They get you coming and going… I count 11 signs that are visible as you enter the park, and there are 8 signs visible in this photo as you leave the park:

signs-at-entrance.jpg thank-you-come-again-sign.jpg


Now, this is the only sign we need (in my opinion). The funny part? Most of us can’t read it! I could not believe that the only sign I could find that summarized all of the “park rules” was in Spanish



Now, to be fair, Pinkerton Park just so happens to be a great park… if you’re a kid.