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See which neighborhoods have the nicest neighbors & the best Halloween candy. The locals' favorite spots in Nashville to go trick-or-treating on Halloween

Looking for something fun to do in Franklin, TN today?... Tomorrow?... Next weekend?... Or next month?... Start here to find upcoming events taking place in Franklin Tennessee and the Nashville area.

Thinking of visiting Franklin Tennessee in the near future? Here are some great tips for tourists and some ideas of fun things to see & do in and around Franklin, Tennessee.

If you're in the Franklin/Nashville area, I'd encourage you to take one of these walking tours. See how scared you get as part of a small group of people walking the streets at night while hearing about dozens of well-documented stories about local ghosts & hauntings! If you're looking for a LIST of haunted places in Nashville... and other parts of Tennessee, then check this out...

Haunted Tennessee walking tours in the Nashville and Franklin areas... plus some interesting haunted places within the state of Tennessee you might not have known about.

University of Tennessee fans will love this UT pumpkin template!