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Photos Of Franklin And Nashville

Before we moved to Nashville on April 25, 2001, Jim and I took 2 trips there. The first one was just a regular vacation to Chattanooga and to Nashville a few months before we were married. The next one was a trip to Nashville several months after we were married to make sure it was a place that we would enjoy living. Nashville definitely made a good first impression on us, and we ended up moving there 5 months after our 2nd visit. These photos show some of the things we did when we visited Nashville twice during the time that we lived in Pensacola, Florida.

A photo essay highlighting the actions of some pro-life demonstrators on the steps of the Tennessee Supreme Court -- about the time that Terri Schiavo died.

Some close-up pictures of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, from the premiere of the movie 'Friday Night Lights' in Franklin, Tennessee.

An example of how to turn a ho-hum day into a FUN day -- just play tourist for the day! I shot 127 photos of downtown Nashville this afternoon... check out my favorite photos.